Monday, August 31, 2009

woo hoo - I did it.....

Flowers, colours, inspiration and the last day of a photo a day of August....

Well there you have it....I have just completed 27 days in a row of a photo a day.
I should have 31 days done and dusted, but remember I was 4 days late in getting on the wagon.

It has really forced me to think about my blog everyday, and try and take more photos of our everyday goings on. With Lucas I feel I took a photo every hour, and with poor Lachie - he is lucky to get a pic a fortnight!
So here are more flower pictures from the florist I was in on Sunday. You can tell spring is in the air with the orchids becoming more colourful and daffodils in bloom.

I love the cows udders too - so kooky and bright.

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Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

Yay!! I feel lost without having to post a photo a day now!! & have to think of other things to blog about :) Love those flower pics - how beautiful to be able to spend time in a florist.