Sunday, August 16, 2009

too cold to shop.....

Cold, rain and day 12 of a photo a day.....

Quick post tonight, as I am very tired and need to go into bed before the clock ticks 10pm.
Market today was veeeeerrry quiet, and probably wish I didn't go in and I stayed in bed and slept.
I love cold, wet, windy days - but not smack bang in the city in a wide open space. Lucky it was heated and undercover though.
I love Federation square, the building is so different and quirky.
It had a lot of doubters (and still does) when it was first built, but I think the architecture really reflects the movement of the city and it's people. I took a few quick snaps of the roof, I think it looks amazing - glad I don't have to clean the windows though!
Quick exit out after we were done and the sky was dark like you wouldn't believe.
This is the wheel overlooking the city and the crazy jogger who happened to be in the shot as I was at the lights.

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