Wednesday, August 5, 2009

bird nest for rent......

Here goes day 2 (of day 5) of 'a photo a day' in August.

This one is a little discovery I made a few months ago out my bathroom window. It is a birds nest that was abandoned last spring. I had looked at it everyday, and over time the leaves on the vine have fallen off so I have got a better look inside. 
The birds have long gone, but I noticed before leaving that the bird had decorated his/her pad with a white ribbon! 
I know that it wasn't put there by a human, as I use these ribbons for tying flowers and would have thrown it out with the water into the garden. 
So my guess is, that a bird decided to build his house, hung a ribbon on the wall then either lived a happy little life, or decided to move on. 
Or maybeeee it was a party venue that they hired for the night, hung up their decorations and forgot to clean up, ooooooooor maybeeeee it was rental and the roof leaked and they decided to move out, oooorrrr maybe it was a breakup and the house and contents haven't been divvied up yet! You think? 
I think nests are so beautiful and amazing, how the birds build them without hands is amazing - is that a dumb thing to say?
I hope another bird moves in this Spring, I might give it a little reno to get it ready!


GiGi&LULU said...

Maybe the bird got tired of all that singing in your shower? ... 'Let's bowl, let's bowl, let's rock n roll'...xx

kelly said...

haha, you got it girlfriend!

Natalie said...

Nice photos Kelly - you love a good challenge!