Friday, May 21, 2010

a little gallery by little bird photography......

A good friend of little bubble and tree has just opened a little gallery to showcase all her beautiful work. 
It is a great little space, and the way it has been decorated is just beautiful. I love the wall with the tree and the pictures hanging from the line - so cute!
If you are in the area you must pop in and say hi...Pru does all of our photography and I love her.             

139 union road surrey hills VIC 3127    +61 3 9898 2565

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my child blog - little bubble and tree.......

Was very excited to be featured on the my child blog. It is funny how you have no editorial for ages - then all of a sudden you are in a few at once! I have been spoilt this week, so thank you.

Monday, May 17, 2010

little bubble and tree on postcards....

Our very exciting first television coverage. Woo hoo!!
Channel nines Postcards was filming at Magnolia square in March, and we were really lucky to have been selected to be part of the feature. Of course I knew I might have had a chance of being in as we watched the 10 mins of takes they did in front of my stand, but you never know if it might end up on the editors floor and not actually make the cut.
It showed last night at 5.30pm and of course coincided with bath time so I missed the intro - which was little bubble and tree! It was only until a friend called that I realised it was airing last night. Oh well, at least I have the footage from youtube to watch over and over and over....