Friday, May 29, 2009

3 years already.......

Spiderman turns 3......oh, and eats pancakes with ice cream for breakfast....
Sorry, no cake for you Lachie.....unless it's pureed from carrots and pears....
I'm glad he settled for 3 years old...I didn't have 29 candles anyway...
It was Lucas' birthday this week - the big 3 .....don't ask him though, when we asked him how old he was turning he said 29! Whoa, that makes me 62 then. No wonder I feel old!

We had a lovely morning of pancakes and ice cream for breakfast, with dad staying home to open pressie's with us.
The day consisted of wearing our pj's all day... then the new spiderman outfit, then opening a present of spiderman pj's, so back onto our pj's again. It's funny how he absolutely looooves spiderman. We have never talked about him, or even had the show on at home before. He pretends he is climbing walls and circles the pole in our lounge room like he is standing on a ledge of a 3o story building.... Weirdo.
It's amazing how kids get so obsessed with different shows. He still loves Bob (the builder) of course, now we just have spiderman wearing a tool belt, and being handy with the drill and handsaw.

Due to the two kids having dodgy ear infections again, I reluctant to leave the house, so we just had a little party at home with just us. 
His favorite dinner at the moment is "corns mum", cool that's easy (I added a few more things of course!). After dinner we had the party hat's, lollies, balloons, streamers, party cakes, ice cream, tears of not wanting to go to bed, books, and then, happiness to go to bed. 
Pheew, day done. Now there's just 364 days until he turns 4!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

blue for a boy.....

I would like to show you the online store that now stocks a few of our 'pango pants' in the UK - Blue for a boy.
It is a wonderful new online store that stocks exclusively for little boys 0-18mths. 
I am so chuffed to have been selected as a brand to range as I really love ALL the colourful items on offer. 
Abigail the owner, has gorgeous taste in clothing - there are many items I'm loving!
Check out the gorgeous animal tees.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Magnolia square Brighton.....

Back again from 3 days of 'utter shopping heaven'. I love going to markets, not only because of the chance to sell my clothing and accessories, but also to shop like a crazy woman.
Magnolia square has just been at Brighton town hall. We had a fun 3 days, and it was a great chance to show off my winter pants and long sleeve tops for boys.
I am always conscious to try not look too girly on my stand. It is really hard though when girls clothing and accessories tend to look pretty no matter what you do to them. I have a new table and cart all painted up which ties in nicely with my stand. 
This cart I picked up from my local antique centre. I am always finding little gems for the kids rooms, cubby house and of course - my stand.
Over the next week I will show you some of the wonderful stands that were surrounding me.
Again, I really enjoyed the new friends I made, and I look forward to catching up again along the way. 
I slept well last night...and today for a afternoon nap. Today I gave myself the day off to rest, but it's back to work tomorrow (after I take Lucas to swimming and before go to school tomorrow night), I need to put in for holidays I think.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Magnolia square tiny and small...

long sleeve boat applique tee...
If you are wondering why I am NOT answering my phone, at mother's group, cleaning the house (ha ha), ironing my husband's shirts (again - ha ha, he's a builder anyway), or just hangin' around - it's because I will be here for the next 3 days solid....Magnolia square.
For a truly lovely shopping experience pop in, have a cupcake, a look around and then come and say hi. I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone there, and gabbling for the 3 days - oh, and hopefully selling stuff too.
See you in 3 days, I promise to have photo's to show of the retailers.

back in stock....

The store has been re-stocked in the 'pango pants' - SB1/3
They look great with a plain tee and boots for winter. The cuff rolled up gives you a great polka dot reverse that matches the back pocket. 
These have been really popular, so get in quick!

Monday, May 18, 2009

off to the UK...

Excuse number 3 for my crazy week - is having to pack up an order to send to the UK.
I can reveal the store in a few weeks, but for now - a quick peek into the pants she has chosen to stock.
These are a few of my favorite designs in the Pango pants, they look so colourful and happy packed up ready to go on holiday - especially to a UK summer. 

Stay tuned for some new Pango pants available for winter. They will be available at Magnolia square this weekend coming.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

mother's day - finally....

the best present of 48th plate of strawberries...
beautiful signs here - I felt like I was somewhere exotic...
close enough to touch.....I didn't of course!
It has been a little crazy here the last few weeks, so I haven't posted properly for a while.
I was checking my photos on my camera, and I had forgotten my mother's day shots from last weekend.
I know it is a little late posting them (like - a week behind), but at the moment I feel like my whole life is always a week behind!
We had a fun day, and I was spoilt with a sleep in and breakfast at a cafe.I would have just been as happy to be left in a dark room to sleep all day, but instead we were off to have afternoon tea at the Melbourne zoo. It was a lovely surprise and even though I was recovering from my sickness (brought on by the bloody flu shot), a great day was had by all.
I haven't been to the zoo for about 20 years, so I was like a tourist taking photos of all the signs and the carvings of the elephant houses. 
My other highlight of the occasion was.... I was given a coffee machine - woo hoo!
We have been having an obsession with coffee for a few years now and the amount of money we spend on takeaways is ridiculous, it I'm sure it will pay for itself in a month or so.......mmmm did I say fathers' day or mother's day? 
Cheeky bugger. For father's day I think I might get him a new vacuum cleaner!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

magnolia square next week....

It's time again for Magnolia square. This time it is in Brighton.
So come along and see whats in store. I have been busily sewing the new long sleeve tops for boys, necklaces, scarves and birdhouses. Of course I have left things to the last minute again.

It will be great fun.
And I will be eating a lot of these.....

another one....

Another fun award I received last week from Monica at Beyond pink and blue. I hope you don't mind me wearing the same pj's to receive this award. 
The rules:

* List 7 things that make you Awe-
Summ and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers you love.
* Make sure to tag your recipients and let them know they have won!
* Also link back to the Queen that tagged you.

1. I don't think I am Awe-summ, but I think my kids and husband think I am...they'll say anything for food!
2. I can do maaaany things at once - but then, so can most mums.
3. I have many awe-summ friends that continue to call me back, so they must like hangin' around me.
4. I know, and tell alot of stories (I accumulate them from other people).
5. I have a good memory, but only when it refers to long term stuff...short term I am running out of room up there.
6. I know lots of the words to songs on the radio (gold 104). I sing along all the time (I am a very bad singer).  I love the 80's and sad songs.
7. I have created a little business - little bubble and tree  - all while looking after a toddler and husband, having another baby, and trying to somehow - have a life!

Pheew that was hard. Here are some more lovely blogs that I recommend you check out....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

a bit of fun.....

I have said it before, and i'll say it again - it has been a really nice journey... this blogging thingy!?!
As a bit of fun there are several chain letter - pay it forward type awards that are sent around the traps. These are sent to blogs that you find inspiring, awesome, or just to help put a smile on someone's face. They are a good source of finding new sites too.

I have received 2 in a few days. It must be from all the hype of the logies last week, (to overseas readers, this is our big awards ceremony).
I don't have a speech worked out...... but off the cuff - I would like to thank my husband for putting up with me sitting on the computer all day and everyday, my kids for thinking they live in a very big sewing craft room...and finally my friends, who probably think I have fallen off the face of the earth. All this and I excepted my awards in my spotty pj's!
I promise to TRY and be more attentive to you all, but when you look at my choices of great blogs below, you will see why I get so sidetracked in my every day life.
So thank you Kerry from the Seventy tree for thinking of me.

Here is what you do next if you wish to forward the award.
1 Put the Lemonade Award logo on your blog or post
2 Nominate at least 10 blogs that show great attitude or gratitude
3 Link to your nominees within your post
4 Let the nominees know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog
5 Share the love and link to the person from who you received your award

My list (in no particular order)

Happy reading.....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the gorgeous little winner!

packed and ready to go to the US...
the colourful prize pack...

The lovely Brandie who won our competition last month, has posted about little bubble and tree on her blog.
She has the most beautiful little girl, and the happy tunic that she chose for her daughter will go perfectly with her curly hair (see her pretty little smile above)
It is so nice to see the package was excitedly received. Check out Brandie's store for her beautiful girls clothing.
Thanks very much for entering the competition, I'm glad you like your prize.

Friday, May 1, 2009

milk from an octopus?

our youngest little bubble...
with Fern the octopus...
and Emma the cow...
While cruising around my blog list, I found this unreal little invention - the bottle pet. They are a soft snuggly toy in which a bottle fits inside to keep cool/warm.
They are made of polyester micro fibre, so it is nice and soft to hold while also cuddly enough to help your little one drift into 'nigh nigh's land. 
You can get yours from Kelly at childhood clothing, she has them with free shipping for a limited time - so hurry.
I got two, so when one is in the wash, I can use the other one - smart thinking hey! (not to mention, I couldn't just choose one).
They are easy to grip, and Lachie has been holding onto the arms of his octopus, and swinging it around until it is in his mouth (I think he has turned it into a game now). I thoroughly recommend them to stop bottles rolling off into the distance and out of reach.
Which one is your favorite?