Wednesday, September 30, 2009

tip toeing through the tulips.......

the staff all walk around in traditional dress and big wooden clogs....

rows and rows of colours and tulips galore.....
replica Dutch windmills - you would think you were in Holland.....
I just love, love, love these parrot tulips - so beautiful and fresh....
ranunculus are another favorite of mine, the colours were gorgeous and spring like, also hiding some little gnome friends.....
One of my favorite flowers - if not my favorite is the tulip.
I first learnt floristry while working in London traveling, and I had the joy of working with the best tulips of all - from Holland.
We would get buckets and buckets of them, I would get to work with the loveliest colour range and varieties available.

But you don't have to live in Holland for the best tulips, we have our own Tulip festival in our own backyard (that's if you are from Melbourne of course) at Tesselaar in Silvan.
The festival runs to the 12-13th October, and there is over 100 different varieties of Tulips on show - with live entertainment, yummy food and a good coffee!

My fav tulip would have to be the Parrot tulip. The texture in the petals are so amazing and they are so top heavy they have a gracious fall about them.

So don't ever throw your tulips out when they hang over the vase, they are only finished when the petals go see through, or they fall from the stem. The bending of the stem is due being so top heavy, tulips continue to grow in the water, so you need to continually cut them to stay strong and straight.....personally I like them hanging over the edge of the vase - they are such drama queens!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

The baby show wrap up....

Well what a week I have had. I was so tired after being away I just couldn't bring myself to do anything other than read the emails - so blogging just wasn't going to happen!

The Baby show in Sydney was great fun. It was so great to meet up with some old friends, some now friends and meet some new friends. That is the best part of these events - to make friends with your neighbours.
The whole event set up was fantastic, and the attention to detail was perfect. They had so much for the kids to do, they had flowers everywhere beautiful tables set up in the cafe with highchairs galore. I have never seen so many pregnant woman in my life - there is certainly a baby boom happening at the moment.
Here are a few pics of my stand. I have tweaked a few bits and pieces to make it brighter.
I love my stand but the packing up is a bugger, I am always the last to leave, and have so many tiny things to wrap.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The baby show....

I am currently in Sydney for the Baby show which starts tomorrow morning. I have am so tired, I feel like I have worked the 3 days already! Set up was today and it looks fantastic.
I am manning the stand by myself so I hope I am ok. I have my friend besides me from so we should be right.
I am staying in Manly with my good friend, who has been very kind and given me a car to use while I am here. This is all good and well if you know the area, but this morning I ended up making crisis phone calls to her as I was heading across the Harbour bridge and took the wrong turn.
Her advice was to just follow the road all the way and go with the traffic as it is all going to the same direction!....are you serious........everyone was going in the same direction in different directions! I should have taken a taxi.
Anyway, all set up and looking good. If you are in Sydney come and say hello to me - if not, I will post some pictures after the weekend.

Monday, September 14, 2009

i'm sailing too.....

A touch of summer for the boys. 'I'm sailing too' - is a cotton self stripe kaftan for boys available in sizes 0-4.
I love this shirt for it's crispness and simplicity. It comes in a white with white embroidery, and now white with blue stitching - fresh and ready for Spring then Summer.
The embroidery stitching around the cuff, waist and boat applique is sewn by hand by talented artisans in India.
Great with shorts for a casual fun play top or with tailored shorts for a special outing - it is the perfect top for your little up and coming sailor!
Available instore soon.

Friday, September 11, 2009

birdie hideaway......

I made this for a little girl's first birthday. What a lovely gift for a lovely little girl.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the enchanted closet - little bubble and tree...

I am very excited to now have a new stockist for little bubble and tree - The Enchanted closet.
They have a store in Woodend with a huge following, and have now opened a new store in High street Armadale.
The girls have done a wonderful job in setting up the store - it is just beautiful. I went on Saturday for the opening, it was really exciting to see my things on the racks in a brand new shiny store. I love the fitting rooms and the pink and white painted stripped wall is gorgeous.

Their dream is to open up a store in the country, the city and the coast - well they are 2/3 the way there, please open a store down our way on the Mornington Peninsula - we would love it!

Here are some pictures of the opening, go and visit the store when you are around the area, it is lovely.
The Enchanted Closet
1087 High St,
Armadale, 3143

The Enchanted Closet
Shop 5
93 High Street
Woodend 3224

The window was beautiful, I borrowed this picture from the The Enchanted closet blog.
I want these butterflies in my house too.

Friday, September 4, 2009

sneak peek twooooooo.........

I forgot to write before that my photos were take by the very talented Pru from little bird photography. She is just so clever and turning my ideas into reality.
This shoot was so fun to do, and believe it or not the creek is in suburbia not in the country.
It is amazing to see the shots when they are done, as we know what the kids were doing at the time. Some of the best shots are when the kids are unawares, like little Hannah patiently swirling a daisy waiting for her turn, or Harry sitting on the rocks eating an apple staring into the distance with his guitar perched on a rock.
Thanks again Pru I absolutely love them....and you!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

a sneak peek.....

Today started off nice and 'spring like' - and then it all went downhill very quickly with a thunderstorm.
I think this summer will still be a hot one, so maybe you might need to buy yourself - a new summer dress or kids kaftan to get you through!

I promised a sneak peek of my new summer range and here it is.....