Friday, September 17, 2010

croc face boys tee......

I find it difficult at times to buy boys tees. I like the plain tee, with a little bit of a pattern or logo - without it looking too young or scary (skulls etc). 
I have some news boys tees this summer - the croc face tee. They are in a variety of colours, lime green, white, royal blue, chocolate and light blue. This one is my favorite, the aqua print really sits nice on the lime.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

kids Instyle.....

It's taken me a little bit to get my act together and post again. Time has flown, and I have been running around like a mad woman, packing all the orders ready for the summer deliveries. I have just taken over the new nursery, with all my stock, boxes, rubbish and the like - much to the distress of my husband hee hee.
 I am like a squatter. I see space - and I grab it before anyone else lays their hat. 
Not that poor Marli has a chance of course (being a baby and all). I thought seeing I have her in my room for a while, I would jump at the opportunity of spreading out in a room I can close the door after I leave - and keep the dining room table clear for once!
This is what I have been doing for the past 4 weeks.....

Here are some pics from the recent kids Instyle. I love my new sign. This is a frame I picked up from my local framers - painted white, stuck in the sign and...... tah daaaaahhh!
I am having a bit of an obsession with this style of frame at the moment. Anything that needs reframing I am onto it. Mmmmmm I think I need another one for the kids room now I think of it......
The 'Sunny dress'....a very popular dress this summer....more pictures to come - I love it!

The Elephant garlands, a new line for little bubble and tree......great for kids rooms and nurseries or just about anywhere you want to add colour and fun!