Monday, August 31, 2009

woo hoo - I did it.....

Flowers, colours, inspiration and the last day of a photo a day of August....

Well there you have it....I have just completed 27 days in a row of a photo a day.
I should have 31 days done and dusted, but remember I was 4 days late in getting on the wagon.

It has really forced me to think about my blog everyday, and try and take more photos of our everyday goings on. With Lucas I feel I took a photo every hour, and with poor Lachie - he is lucky to get a pic a fortnight!
So here are more flower pictures from the florist I was in on Sunday. You can tell spring is in the air with the orchids becoming more colourful and daffodils in bloom.

I love the cows udders too - so kooky and bright.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

colours of India part 2...

Unbelievable structures, colour, turbans and day 26 of a photo a day....
While we are on the subject I couldn't let go.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

the colours of India......

I just love this pic, the detail in the painting is beautiful...
These girls did a wonderful job entertaining us over New years eve, poor things - it was freezing...
Cheeky monkeys that - were cheeky monkeys...

Bend it like Beckham, more chocolate biscuits and day 25 of a photo a day....

Another lazy day at home with a long sleep in the arvo. Now I will be awake until 2 in the morning, but I couldn't help myself I was so tired.
Just finished watching 'Bend it like Beckham' on the telly. It is such a fun movie, and it takes me back to my holiday in India 18mths ago - to all the colour and the saris.
I loved India, and hope one day I can get back there.....with a bigger suitcase of course!

Friday, August 28, 2009

real living....

Chocolate teddy bear biscuits, real living and day 24 of a photo a day....

Last birthday and Christmas I asked for a few of my favorite magazines subscriptions as a present.
It is so nice to walk out to your letter box and receive your glossy new mag all wrapped up in plastic - rather than having to go to the shops and get the kids out of the car.
I used to run inside and read them immediately, but over time I have got busier and busier so only get time to flick through a few pages at first, and then hope to finish it by the end of the week!
Real living is my favorite out of the bunch for it's easy read and great features.
It is so nicely laid out and has affordable ideas for every budget.

This months issue we had a little ad in the directory section page 189. So tonight I am sitting here on the couch, watching Sleepless in Seattle, eating chocolate teddy bear biscuits and reading the new mag.
There is also a yummy looking pasta recipe in there that I am going to try....or maybe cut out like I do with all recipes never to be seen again!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

elephants and robots....

More accessories and day 23 of a photo a day....

I didn't have my car today (or yesterday for that matter), so I have been stuck at home while it was getting fixed and making stuff!
It is actually quite nice to sit in your pjs all day and not have to worry about fixing yourself up.....until you go check the mail and the neighbour who you have never met decides to drive out of her driveway and spots you in your purple with white dot pjs at 3pm! GREAT.
At least I have time to make stuff while the kids are asleep.
I'm fitting back into society tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

wild weather....

Wild weather and day 22 of a photo a day....

It has been a little crazy here the last few days with the weather. I don't mind it wet and windy, especially when you are inside with the fire on and warm.
I drove past the beach yesterday and saw the seagulls hanging on for dear life on the pier. The waves were crashing around them and they still stood their ground.
The sun is still fighting through the clouds in parts, and touches the tops of each wave - very pretty.

I will show you are a few pics from our photo shoot tomorrow...or maybe the day after - I love them!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

pelicans and swimming assessments...

Swimming, pelicans and day 21 of a photo a day....

Mondays are swimming days and this this week was assessment day. First term of me not having to hop into the pool - woo hoo.

Afterwards we head down to the pelicans and give them a bag of fish heads - the fish shop is on the pier, don't think I carry these around usually.
It can be a stressful process though, I have to make sure I feed every single one of them, this becomes difficult with the seagulls swooping down, and the pelicans camouflaging into each other - then I forget which one has eaten.
I've tried to teach them all to step back, and give someone else a go - but it is all about first in best dressed down there!
Something tells me by their fat little bellies that they get pretty well looked after by other suckers like us.
We look forward to swimming days.

Monday, August 24, 2009

chocolate crackles, fishing rods and spiderman....

nothing like chocolate crackles at a fete....the price was actually for 6 not 4!.....
Cakes, fishing rods, spiderman and day 20 of a photo a day...

What a lovely weather weekend we had. It wasn't hot of course, but one of those sunny ones that allow you to go along your business without dodging the rain.
I had a small market for the Somers preschool Saturday, it was held in the historic grounds of Lord Somers camp. For those of you that don't know where Somers is (like me), it is on the Mornington Peninsula on the Westernport bay side near Hastings. Many schools would come from far and wide to attend camp here when they were in primary school.

It was a wonderful sunny day and the location was beautiful.
Families were out in their droves, and I was busier than I envisaged. I don't do the big stall set up for something like this, it is nice to tone down my stand to try and set up and pack up in the least amount of time for once.
I took my little helper (3 year old) for the day and he had a great fun. It was safe enough to let him run around with the other kids, as it was in a little compound all fenced in and safe.
He loved helping me trolley my tubs from the car, and to stand behind the table - like he was a shop keeper (mind you he would have spent all the profits if it was his!).
Within the first 5 mins of being there - he came back with a spiderman face paint! Great, just what I need - red face paint around a nice white table cloth, and clean clothing for sale!!

Everytime he came back to me he had a story to explain, or to tell me he was 'hundry adain muuuuum', then off he would trot with $2 to make a fishing rod fish, or guess how many smarties was in the jar, buy a cake from the cake stall or skull a can of Lemonade.
I love a school fete, it is a great family day out and to support the local facilities is what it is all about. I had a fabulous fun day, and the little spiderman on his 'all day' sugar high enjoyed it too.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

last of the smelly stuff...

I love these red berries, they look good enough to eat.....
Last of the smelly stuff and day 19 of a photo a day....

My Daphne is on it's way out. I love the smell of this flower - it reminds me of my nannie.
It is growing at my front door in the garden and I cut a few sprigs of it to have around the house. It is so nice to have a few little vases of flowers around the house all the time.
Even better now that sprig is around the corner.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

the scary carwash...

Washing the car and day 18 of a photo a day.....

I had my camera in the car yesterday and thought I would take a picture of the kids faces as we went through the car wash.
I never wash the car in the washing bays, I am too lazy to get wet - so I drive through and scratch my car instead!
This is the little bubba's first time through the wash, I love watching their little faces as they try and work out if the world is ending, or in fact we are just getting hit by giant face washers!
The first time I went through with Lucas he was hysterical and I had to climb over the hand brake and hug him! Lucky Lachie wasn't as fussed - unsure maybe, but unfazed all the same.

Friday, August 21, 2009

hoo's hoo.....

Owls and day 17 of a photo a day.....

Just cleaning up my boxes of stock, and rearranging them from one side of the family room to the other - when I thought I would take a snap of a girls top that I made.
I got the fabric printed with an owl I drew, and thought it would look pretty on a white top with ribbon.
I wish it wasn't as girly so my boys could wear it, maybe the pink bow might be a little give away!
Some clips in the same fabric, they go together nicely with the top and also make great little pressies for girls.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

a great giveaway.....

Bloesom kids and day 16 of a photo a day.....

One of my favorite blogs is having a huge giveaway and one of my bird necklaces is part of the prize.
As part of the new trifle promotion - Bloesom kids have written about the trifle launch and also given readers a chance to comment on their favorite designer to win.

So go now and you can have a chance in over $796 worth of lovely products.....
I wonder who your favorite designer will be? Mmmmmm I wonder.....
Tell your friends to enter too it is easy.

(I am saying this is my photo a day because I originally took the necklace photo anyway! ha ha)
This was the picture they used to in the press release to Bloesom kids originally, and my top is featured on the bottom right corner - woo hoo!

I love trifle - to eat and shop.....

Recently I was asked to participate in a new venture called trifle. Here is a little bit about it.....

Trifle, is an online shopping experience for the consumer like no other anywhere in the world. Customers can shop from a choice of over 50 hand picked designers – all in the one place. Better still customers can buy from different designers, from different parts of the world, in different currencies with one click.

Trifle is made up of over 50 designers from various sectors of the kids products industry. The store is made up of high end, well established designers, niche companies, handmade artists and one or two start up companies who we believe in.

The exciting part about it is that I can control what I want to showcase. This gives me a good platform to try new things and keep everything fresh.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

our own jurassic park.....

Dinosaurs and day 15 of a photo a day.....

Our backyard has been getting a lot of rain the last month so it wet and soggy making the weeds go crazy. We had a very dry summer last year so the ground is stock piling it I think - for another hot summer to come.
Huge trees of weeds are growing sporadically throughout the lawn and some are nearly as high as the roof in parts, so dinosaurs have started to feed of the lush green leaves.

What, you don't believe me?
Well what do you think this picture is then!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

rocks, kids, kaftans and stuff...

the lovely harry on the rocks.....
waiting patiently for their call up....
Kids, creeks, rocks and day 14 of a photo a day....

Sorry for the late post again. I am soooo tired tonight and I was putting off the computer thing until after dark - believe it or not!
Today we had a shoot for the new bits and pieces I have coming out in September. Of course my favorite photographer lady took them - little bird photography. She is also a lovely friend that I look forward to playing with!
Pru found a fantastic location with a little creek, rocks, trees, daisies and fake fishies in the water (so we told the kids!).
The beautiful shots are still to come of course, but I thought I would take a few pics of the background goings on to give you a taste of what happens behind the scenes.
The kids were so fantastic, apart from all wanting to blow the bubbles at the same time, ask for their surprise they were promised if they were good, and then a few muddy slips on the slimy rocks - it was actually a very productive morning.
Kids were exhausted, we were exhausted and Pru was covered in mud from laying on the grass, rocks and the plants to get all the perfect shots for this summers range.

(remember these are MY pics nothing like what you will expect when you see Pru's shots)

Monday, August 17, 2009

the new fence.....

The new picket fence and day 12 of a photo a day.....

After the last Magnolia Square in Sydney I had to leave my stand up there. I have the next baby show in September so I wasn't li
king the thought of bringing it all home with me only to turn around a few months later and take it back up. So my lovely friend Rhonda allowed me to keep it at her house for a few months. (it's probably on her front lawn by now - but let's hope not!)

But this led to one thing.....I had a few markets in between so I had to enlist the help of my husband again to knock up a new contraption for me!
It's good to have a builder in the family, he always looks at me sideways when I try and explain to him what I want, then just says 'draw it and I'll see what I can do'.
So this is my new stand - It
is a fence and then a double tiered rack. Great to transport as it isn't as heavy, and then I can display the fence in the toy room in between events!
I like the look of the daisies and the grass in between the fence, it gives the look of a sunny yard. (I usually have the fake grass too but yesterday it was too small an event to drag it all out)

soft elephant badges to give some fun to any scarf or top.....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

too cold to shop.....

Cold, rain and day 12 of a photo a day.....

Quick post tonight, as I am very tired and need to go into bed before the clock ticks 10pm.
Market today was veeeeerrry quiet, and probably wish I didn't go in and I stayed in bed and slept.
I love cold, wet, windy days - but not smack bang in the city in a wide open space. Lucky it was heated and undercover though.
I love Federation square, the building is so different and quirky.
It had a lot of doubters (and still does) when it was first built, but I think the architecture really reflects the movement of the city and it's people. I took a few quick snaps of the roof, I think it looks amazing - glad I don't have to clean the windows though!
Quick exit out after we were done and the sky was dark like you wouldn't believe.
This is the wheel overlooking the city and the crazy jogger who happened to be in the shot as I was at the lights.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

rings of cute stuff....

Rings of cute stuff and day 11 of a photo a day....

I have another market tomorrow so I am busy packing all the boxes, painting my stand (yes, painting my stand) and also making a few more accessories to go.

I have never heard of this before but I was contacted to be a part of it and I always like a market!
It is held by Small Business Victoria and it is their Lifestyle market.
So if you around in the city of Melbourne tomorrow come and say hi.

Energise Enterprise
Lifestyle Market
Sunday 16th August 2009

The Atrium and BMW Edge
Federation Square
Flinders st, Melbourne

A few rings that I have available. I love the little owl one.

Friday, August 14, 2009

out as along as he was in........

Teeth and day 10 of a photo a day.....

I can't believe that yesterday my little bubba was 9 mths old. That means that he has been out as long as he was in!! Graphic I know!

Anyway, he has been a little sick for the last few weeks but is on the mend now and doing a commando crawl around the lounge.
It's funny to see him do this as Lucas never did this to get around, I think he just did a barrel roll to get where he wanted to.
This morning Lachie got up early and decided to slide into the toy room to have a look around on his own, Lucas was still asleep so he must have wanted to get to the best toys first. Out of all the toys to play with he picked a lego block and sucked on that for the morning.
He has lots of little teeth coming through, he might not be able to sit on his own just yet, but he could chew through a chop in a minute!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

start knitting Nancy......

Knitting and day 9 of a photo a day....

Remember the old 'Knitting Nancy?' - the little knitting contraption that allowed you to make metres and metres of unusable woolen braid? Well I bought another one!
I couldn't help myself, she looked so pretty and new. She is a fairy knitter though, I wonder what ever happened to Nance?
This is how she will stay, all shiny and new in her bag until I decide to make some socks for the Bob the builder or Buzz toys!