Friday, April 23, 2010

bit of fun in the garden....

This morning when I was doing my daily routine of ABC cartoons on, bottle given to Lachie in highchair, Lucas deciding what he wants for breakfast....bubbles, no weetbix, no sultana bran - yeh sultana bran, like dad, but I want the pink bowl..... blah, bah, blah! WHATEVER - just eat it!
All quiet and happy I was gazing out the kitchen window into the garden (wondering how old kids have to be, before you can make them do the dishes)....then I noticed something in the garden. It was a mushroom, a fully grown mushroom! How did this happen? Where did it come from? Who planted it? 
I look out this window about 45 times a day standing at the sink, and I have never noticed any others springing up.
So I grabbed Lucas to have a closer look, after explaining to him never to pick it, or eat it, we went inside, grabbed his mice - and made a little scene.
I love how the water dripping from the shrubs above, have worn little holes in it - just like the spots on fairy mushrooms. (If I had more time I would have painted it.......mmmm....that might be tomorrows activity!)
The happy mice family in their mushroom garden, I wish I had small cups of tea and a teapot......I do have a life - really I do!

Friday, April 16, 2010

making, packing and orders.....

A busy weekend is planned of - staying at home and trrrrying to tick things off my list.
I have a few birdhouses to make for stores, so hopefully I can tick those off my list, then finish setting up my NEW storeroom! If it is clean enough I will show you some pics.
Until then, have a great weekend......