Tuesday, December 22, 2009

elephant walk......

I have been very behind in updating my store with new little treasures. Here is a fresh range just in time for Christmas....there is still one more day left, for an overnight express bag delivery - so get in quick!
I have a new little addition - my elephant walk little treasure. 
These have been great fun to make and look really cute hanging from your window or nook in your home.

By the way, the green elephants leg isn't shorter than the other - it is just my photography!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

here we are....

Sorry for the late post, I was so tired this week I have not had the energy to write.
Here is a picture college of my stand from Magnolia square in Sydney. I was really excited to win the Visual Merchandising award for the set up. It makes all the late nights, courier charges and interstate travel worth it.
What a beautiful venue it was too - in the Oaks lawn marquee at Randwick. The weather was unbelievable with 40 degrees days. It was so unbearable at times, but the organisers jumped into action quick smart with cups of cold water for the shoppers and fans placed around - so it wasn't too bad.

Thanks to Pru from little bird photography for my photos.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ok, so this is the last one for the year.....market I mean!

What a crazy month has been had at little bubble and tree. I have had markets back to back and have flown between Sydney and Melbourne 2 weeks running - crazy I tell you - CRAZiiiiiii

Anyway, my last event for the year is the Finders keepers market in Sydney. I have heard fantastic things about this market, and I am very excited to be taking part. 
I am trying to make a last ditch effort in making more accessories, but my body is shutting down with a cold, and I am way too tired to even think - so I will have to just make do!
I promise to post more exciting things on my return next week, with many photos of the past month and my fun purchases I have accumulated along the way. 

Until then, here is the link for the market. If you are in Sydney pop in and say hello, if you are not - think of me for my last 'hurrah' for the year - and wish me luck!