Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ok, so this is the last one for the I mean!

What a crazy month has been had at little bubble and tree. I have had markets back to back and have flown between Sydney and Melbourne 2 weeks running - crazy I tell you - CRAZiiiiiii

Anyway, my last event for the year is the Finders keepers market in Sydney. I have heard fantastic things about this market, and I am very excited to be taking part. 
I am trying to make a last ditch effort in making more accessories, but my body is shutting down with a cold, and I am way too tired to even think - so I will have to just make do!
I promise to post more exciting things on my return next week, with many photos of the past month and my fun purchases I have accumulated along the way. 

Until then, here is the link for the market. If you are in Sydney pop in and say hello, if you are not - think of me for my last 'hurrah' for the year - and wish me luck!


Babyjo Bamboo said...

Wishing you luck!!! :-)

GiGi&LULU said...

good luck!

Crayon Chick said...

I can't believe your schedule this month - jetting around like a movie star! I hope it all went well and you get to collapse on the couch soon. Good luck!

ivy designs said...

kelly! didn't realise you were in syd for this...i bet you did amazingly well. looking forward to more news from you x