Sunday, August 1, 2010

our new addition.....

I have been a little slow of late with blogging. I do have a good excuse though - I was pregnant, looking after my other 2 kids, run a house, run a business and try and fit in every other thing that popped into my life over the past 9 months.
So on 22nd July we were lucky enough to add a beautiful little girl to our family. Another quick labour (thank god), and a pink little bubba came into the world. I was so sure I was going to go early by the time I had her I felt like I was overdue by weeks - she actually was born right on the due date. We named her Marli Louise  and she weighed 8lb 8.5oz

 I was excited for my 5 days rest in hospital. I had so many things planned to sort out the folders on my computer, rename photos, organise invoices, design new summer range and read all the blogs I have been neglecting
I have had this name Marli - for like - EVER, so it was nice to finally get to use it.
She is a little over a week old now, and she is just the most beautiful little girl in the world. 
I have embraced the whole 'pink clothing' thing more than I thought I would, and believe she looks better in this than any other colour - for now anyway.
I will try and resist dressing her like Punky Brewster when she is older - which was my dream when I was younger. Thank goodness she was born in 2010 and not the 80's.
The boys are loving having a new baby around, and have given her lots of kisses and cuddles. Lachie is a little rough with the whole patting the head thing, so he can't be given 'free hand' control around her.
He does love kissing her though, and saying Bubba six hundred and thirty five times a day.
I was lucky to have my friend Pru from little bird photography take some photos of her. Pru takes all my little bubble and tree shots, so I was so excited to see the results.
I will be getting more taken in a year when the kids are all a little older too. I just wish now that I had got the boys photographed at this age....Pru - where have you been all my life!
Check out Pru's blog here

the party - part four...

So to the last part of the circus party series. I really enjoyed this theme, it was so easy to put together. Don't be put off by all the activities - they are easy and cheap to buy.
We were lucky to already have this puppet show stand - so I placed it near the entrance with a basket full of over sized glasses, colourful wigs and clown noses. The kids dressed up and posed for funny face shots with a disposable camera.
Blowing out the candles......big 4 year old now!