Monday, March 29, 2010

too good to eat with....

I love my new long spoons from Kek! I have loved this store even more since seeing them in the flesh last year in magnolia square - then had to cart my purchases back on the plane from Sydney - this was not easy seeing I was already over the luggage limit.
They have the most vibrant colours and even a few items will just brighten up your home in time. 
I went through a real dark wood Balinese faze for a while back there and only had brown and avacado coloured accessories, but now my home is starting to mimic the bright colours of this fantastic range - full of clashing colours, pinks and oranges and shades greens and blues. Love it!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

this is me for the next 4 days.....

Well it's Magnolia square time again, and this year they have a shiny, big, new venue - St Kilda town hall.
This will be my last event for a while, as I am having a baby in July and I need to slow down .......YEH RIGHT! Well at least I am going to try.
I have re jigged the stand again, I try and do this every single event to try different things, but also as I like using different colourful props to best represent my product.
I have a new tree to display my little treasures. I just whipped it up last night while watching 'greys anatomy' (as you do) not that the show inspired me or anything, I just had all the kids off the floor to spread out with a big branch.
So if you are free or need some retail therapy please come n down as it is truly a wonderful event and so nice to stroll around looking at other retailers and eating from the cafe.

I am really looking forward to seeing some of my friends again - or as my husband calls them - 'my market buddies'. You spend 3 days besides these retailers where you get to gabble all day, that by the end you make some wonderful friends, do some personal shopping, and talk business.
I will have some great specials in stock too, as next summer I will be stocking to size 10 so I need to get rid of all my smaller sizes - that means a great bargain!
see you there.......

Friday, March 12, 2010


It's funny when you start to think of new ideas and how they come to you. Mine can come from just about anywhere some days, and most are from my home -as I like to surround myself with bright colours and bits and pieces. 
I will start to show you little inspirations that I find along the way.  I always find it interesting to see how others work, and what they find sparks a new idea.
I used to work with some of the most talented women and 1 man(!) and I would always be inspired by their creations and how quick they would have to churn out the next design. I do miss watching them work and getting inspired by the next fabric or trim that came into the studio.
These guatemalan worry dolls were one of my first sparks this season. Not that you will see any obvious trend but it is more about a colour or a stitch that makes your mind wander to a totally different level - and there is a new kaftan! Don't ask me how to explain it in more detail, it just does - alright!

I love things in pouches to hide away,  these dolls belong to Lucas so he allowed me to take them out for the shot. He loves to get them out and put them in his toys cars, he hangs them out the windows, then they go back in the bag and hidden away for another day.
So small, but with such beautiful detail. (Reminds me of the pickled people in jars I would make when I was younger)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

a messy bird....

You know when you get an idea in your head...then you just have to make it - well this is how my pinata bird came about.
I had an idea, then an inspiration, then another idea to make a paper mache bird as part of my display at kids in style. Then of course half way though, it turned into an obsession.
You have to always be watching, as the minute I turned my back, more salt was added, then about a cup of water....... definitely the wrong consistency for my project - I mean OUR project! 

I had a little helper who ended up just as obsessed with seeing it finished as me.

Taking shape at last....

All finished and hanging for the show.....of course I had stores asking if I sell these too - the answer is a big NOOOOOOOOOOOO.