Wednesday, March 17, 2010

this is me for the next 4 days.....

Well it's Magnolia square time again, and this year they have a shiny, big, new venue - St Kilda town hall.
This will be my last event for a while, as I am having a baby in July and I need to slow down .......YEH RIGHT! Well at least I am going to try.
I have re jigged the stand again, I try and do this every single event to try different things, but also as I like using different colourful props to best represent my product.
I have a new tree to display my little treasures. I just whipped it up last night while watching 'greys anatomy' (as you do) not that the show inspired me or anything, I just had all the kids off the floor to spread out with a big branch.
So if you are free or need some retail therapy please come n down as it is truly a wonderful event and so nice to stroll around looking at other retailers and eating from the cafe.

I am really looking forward to seeing some of my friends again - or as my husband calls them - 'my market buddies'. You spend 3 days besides these retailers where you get to gabble all day, that by the end you make some wonderful friends, do some personal shopping, and talk business.
I will have some great specials in stock too, as next summer I will be stocking to size 10 so I need to get rid of all my smaller sizes - that means a great bargain!
see you there.......

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Lady Bird said...

Good luck for the market baby is due in 9 weeks hence why I am not going to be at this Mag Square....thought I might come for a visit but not to sure if I am up for that either! anyhoo all the best for the next few months xx