Friday, March 12, 2010


It's funny when you start to think of new ideas and how they come to you. Mine can come from just about anywhere some days, and most are from my home -as I like to surround myself with bright colours and bits and pieces. 
I will start to show you little inspirations that I find along the way.  I always find it interesting to see how others work, and what they find sparks a new idea.
I used to work with some of the most talented women and 1 man(!) and I would always be inspired by their creations and how quick they would have to churn out the next design. I do miss watching them work and getting inspired by the next fabric or trim that came into the studio.
These guatemalan worry dolls were one of my first sparks this season. Not that you will see any obvious trend but it is more about a colour or a stitch that makes your mind wander to a totally different level - and there is a new kaftan! Don't ask me how to explain it in more detail, it just does - alright!

I love things in pouches to hide away,  these dolls belong to Lucas so he allowed me to take them out for the shot. He loves to get them out and put them in his toys cars, he hangs them out the windows, then they go back in the bag and hidden away for another day.
So small, but with such beautiful detail. (Reminds me of the pickled people in jars I would make when I was younger)


we3 collective said...

I love the concept of worry dolls and wish I had them when I was a child - lovely reminder of them and what a great wee blog! A happy find!

m.e (Cathie) said...

my little one has these, nanny bought them for her & she puts them under her pillow at night.
gorgeous pics!