Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my name is Kelly, and I am a hoarder!

This was the lovely package I received from my blogger friend Jacqui. 
She is a Kiwi living in Japan, and her lovely blog Blooming in Japan is all about her day to day goings on, and her beautiful etsy shop selling gorgeous bags for kids. I had to take a photo of my purchase, as it was so well made, and was wrapped beautifully with lots of little goodies to look at. 
I am a real sucker for little bits and bobs, so when I saw the cute pink tissue pack I knew it was going to turn into another display piece for my shelf. 
My buy was this little card case made from Japanese fabric to keep my business cards in. 
As a surprise, she put in this gorgeous felt notebook for me! Woo hoo I love surprises. It is beautiful, I love it.
But then, I went to use it the other day.... and.... I had to put it back - all because I don't want to wreck it! 
See, I'm a hoarder, I can't be saved!

**Just want to add - that when I say hoarder I mean... I am keeping the plastic wrapping it came in, the card and envelope, the cute tissue pack and I am not going to write in the notepad so it remains crisp, white and clean!!
Please don't think I was thinking of throwing ANY of it away!

Friday, April 24, 2009

the seventy tree: little bubble and tree

One thing I have really enjoyed so far in the - 'big, wide world of blogging, is meeting the new people to gabble with from all over the world. It really is like having penpals all over the globe!

I have so many blogs that I read over the space of the week, and one of the lovely ones is - the seventy tree. Kerry writes about family, design, homes she likes, and a few crafty things that she has made along the way. The photos are gorgeous, you must check out some of the houses and rooms for kids. 
I have even picked up a few ideas to do in my own home. I say this with surprise, as I cannot fit another thing in it, so it needs to be pretty special to win a place here.....I just need a bigger home that's all!

This week Kerry very kindly wrote about little bubble and tree on her blog. It is really nice to know people are following me and enjoying the work that I am doing. Thank you for lovely words Kerry, I will continue to follow your journey too.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

kids, flowers and green m&m's....

Today I am filling in a for a lovely friend, who is off visiting the cherry blossoms in Japan - lucky ducky!
I often help out on a Sunday in her florist, or a Valentines day or Mothers day here and there. 
It is such a beautiful shop to be in - it's hardly like work. 
The day seems to fly by, as I just eat, read and sew. I have the kids with me today, as a 'Can - not - cancel - golf - game'  is on!  So I am just kicking back and eating green m&m's - apparently they don't come mixed anymore...lucky they all taste the same anyway.

Nap time still goes on...just on the ground - where else!

Pink roses with the flip side of the petal a darker shade - so clever...

Such a beautiful lime phalaenopsis orchid, the orange contrast in the centre is stunning...

I cannot get enough of pink and green. These pink gerbera's are the perfect candy pink colour. And yes, I WILL eat all these m&m's one after another..after another..after another..

Friday, April 17, 2009

Magnolia Square snippets: little bubble and tree

It's always nice to read the Magnolia Square snippets blog, and today - it's all about me! - little bubble and tree!!
How very exciting, woo hoo!
It was a lovely post, and she has written what I was wanting the label to portray, and that, is to allow kids to just be kids. This picture was taken at the last Magnolia Square event in March 2009. 
We hope to be exhibiting at the 'Tiny and small' event in Brighton on May 21st, 22nd and 23rd.
So I will keep you informed ahead of time.

Little bubble and tree encouraging children to play, explore, and just be.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

and winner is........

We found a winner....and this is how we did it.....

Take 28 plastic balls, a butterfly net, a set of jumping legs and a trampoline....

Now keep jumping until one pops into the net.....

And the winner is....
Brandie.... Wooo hooo
Only because I'm a true gambler at heart - I decided to do a second place draw - and it was Thula Thula.....
I will be in touch with you too for a little runner up prize.

Thank you all so much to you for your entries. By the look of all your responses -  you are all a pack of 'chocolate eating, sleep deprived, need a good shop/holiday, humanitarian, sympathetic lovely ladies!'
I will send you all - a 30% off discount code, to use in the little bubble and tree store as a thank you for your kind support.

It WAS a happy Easter.....

Back from the Easter break - and I have washing coming out of my washing!
We ate chocolate and dip the entire weekend - yummo!

We went down the Peninsula to our van. It's a great getaway, and to only have 2 rooms to clean rather than a house - is holiday enough for me!
The kids have a ball and run around the caravan park with all their friends. Lucas is a little too young to understand what the kids are up to, but he seems happy to just chase after them. He then comes back for a cuddle, maybe draw a picture, before running off again to 'chase the tids!' (no it's not a spelling mistake, he calls them tids). 

Every time I looked at him, he was unravelling foil from another egg! I didn't know what was chocolate and what was dirt in the end. I let him eat chocolate for the entire weekend - little does he know what he has left - that will be ours - allllll ooours!

The kids kept themselves amused with the funniest little things. This time the girls made up a concert that they were going to perform for the adults. Unfortunately, we missed it due to visiting other friends, but I did hear it was a success. I had to sign an attendance sheet with the estimated number of people attending from my van. Very cute.
These are some shells Lucas purchased from their 'shell store' at Christmas. I gave him 40cents, and these were his selections. A few were thrown in for being their first customer.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

it's competition time!

Check out the prizes

'Happy Tunic' - Take your pick...

'Little treasure' - fish or birdie....

and a Little bubble and tree - 'Handy bag' to carry it all home in.

You can win a Happy Tunic (design of your choice) valued at $42.95, a brand new 'little treasure' valued at $29.00 and a Little bubble and tree -'Handy bag' to carry it all home in.

See below for entries.................

Blah, blah, blah...

I stumbled across this gorgeous little girl babbling away. They say I can talk under water!
Don't forget to turn the sound up.

Monday, April 6, 2009

starter's ready?

Great fun for the kids to decorate...while also eating the eyes, and nose, and bow ties, and....
I know I said I would be a few hours, but time seemed to fly by today. I had so much to do, and as usual an extra 10 things happened - then it was dinner time. I also dropped my new good camera. I am so annoyed with myself.  I have just spent the last 2 hours trying to get the photos off it of the Easter biccie's we made. We had no luck though, so the crappy old camera will have to do.

Anyway, to get into the spirit of Easter, we thought we would have a little competition to get to know you a little better, and, for you to get to know each other too. 
So get involved....

You can win a Happy Tunic (design of your choice) valued at $42.95 a brand new 'little treasure' valued at $29.00 and a 'little bubble and tree handy bag' - to carry it all home in. 

All you have to do is tell us... 

1. What do you want the Easter bunny to bring you? (It can be whatever you like)
2. Jump online to the 'little bubble and tree' online store, and tell us, if you could choose any one of the Happy tunic designs, which one would it be?
3. And last but not least, supply us with your email address for our mailing list.

See, that wasn't too bad was it! 

You can earn yourself an extra entry, if you bring a friend along to the site to enter too. Just tell us their name and you automatically get another entry. Woo hoo. 
Entries close 11.59pm Easter Monday. Winner announced Tuesday 14th April 2009.

Now get hopping!

don't mess with the competition...

Little bubble and tree is yet to hold a competition on this site - until NOW!
"What could it possibly be involving?" you may be asking the person sitting next to you.
Well give me a few hours and I'll tell you.
I just have to hang washing on the line, then feed kid number 2, wash kid number 1, put more washing on, have a shower.... and then I'll be back to tell you.
And the best part is....you choose the prize yourself! How amazing (and lazy of me) is that!
See you soon.....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

willow blossom

My fav is the green and yellow one under the sign.

One of my favorite things about markets is meeting my neighbour's. I had a lovely neighbour at the Magnolia square market, her name was Ge from Willow blossom (named after her little girl). She makes the most beautiful bags. They are all so well made and sturdy, you will love the designs.
Ge took a few pics on my camera for her reference, I know she won't mind me showing you. Her styling was gorgeous, and very detailed and particular.
Check out the pics on little birds photography's blog too - she was the professional photographer on the day.

Friday, April 3, 2009

try and smile today....

Last night on my way home there was the loveliest  sunset on the sea. I raced home and got my camera and then ended up driving for 10 mins down the highway chasing a better view. Then I forgot what I was doing!!!

I have a yucky day ahead of me today. I am going to a funeral for my friends little bubba's that passed away. Unfortunately she went into labour early at 25 weeks. Ella and Eve fought so hard, but it just wasn't meant to be.
I am lucky to be able to give something to my lovely friends, I have made the flowers for the service. I have just finished them now ready to take to the reception. I got up early before Lucas could get up and want the cartoons on in the background. It was nice to work in silence.
Give your little bubba's an extra cuddle today, and everyday.....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

stand back... there's more to come...

If I was a bakery - these were the equivalent to hot cakes! I wasn't as stocked up as I would have liked either...oh well next time.

As promised a few days ago (better later than never) - here are a few more pictures of the stand. Things at home are slowly returning to normal.
I am still in denial about my dining table though - it is the biggest mess you have ever seen.
I don't mind eating among the chaos, but I don't think my husband likes it too much. I hear the sigh every night he walks in the door from work, and notices it still messy - and I'm here typing away on the computer! Whoops
I can't bare to clean up though, as I have more necklaces and hair clippies to make.

More little treasures will go on the store soon.... just let me catch my breathe as I recover from the shock announcement on 'Farmer wants a wife' last night... 
I have a very busy life you know!