Friday, April 17, 2009

Magnolia Square snippets: little bubble and tree

It's always nice to read the Magnolia Square snippets blog, and today - it's all about me! - little bubble and tree!!
How very exciting, woo hoo!
It was a lovely post, and she has written what I was wanting the label to portray, and that, is to allow kids to just be kids. This picture was taken at the last Magnolia Square event in March 2009. 
We hope to be exhibiting at the 'Tiny and small' event in Brighton on May 21st, 22nd and 23rd.
So I will keep you informed ahead of time.

Little bubble and tree encouraging children to play, explore, and just be.


ivy designs said...

Gorgeous Kelly - good for you! Lovely article :)

the seventy tree said...

That's ace...well done! I was going to ask if I could post some pictures of your lovely things on my blog if that's ok with you?

kelly said...

Oh of course, thanks very much. I will write about you and link you also.
I enjoy the houses you show us, but now I want to change all my rooms!

Natalie said...

Excellent news Kelly. Sounds like you had better start whipping up a few of those little treasures!

kelly said...

Mmmm I know. I will start next week.....or maybe this weekend!

thula thula designer said...

wonderful article, the pictures are beautiful. I'll have to get to the market and check the next one out.

LouLou said...

well done you !! Your stall was very lovely ..and you seriously used that tiny space to the best of your ability !!!
go girl.

momseekslife said...

I have just discovered your blog and it is a little gem - gorgeous. I live in the UK now but have beautiful memories of the Mornington Peninsula from our year spent in Australia. Your blog and photographs are very inspirational. I'll be back!

kelly said...

Hello Lou, yes I know I used every cm of my tiny little pocket of space!
My dad walked straight past me when he came for a visit, Maybe the bright lights of the event was too much to even notice his daughter! ha ha

Momseekslife - I love your name - I need a life too..,mine is too crazy!
Thank you for visiting me. Mornington Peninsula is a lovely place yes - I love it here. I loved living in the UK too I met my husband there (he was an Aussie).
I hope you will keep visiting the blog and enjoying it.
I look forward to hearing from you again.

mom seeks life said...

Crazy lives are the best lives to have! I love your blog and will be back...the photography is beautiful - all chirpy colours and cheery light filled, dream filled snaps of happy.

Mee a Bee said...

You are getting some lovely (well deserved) press at the moment! great!

I'm jealous that nap time continues wherever you are. My little one just gets more and more excitable the more tired he gets. He's not even guaranteed to sleep in the car!! it can be a nightmare!