Thursday, April 2, 2009

stand back... there's more to come...

If I was a bakery - these were the equivalent to hot cakes! I wasn't as stocked up as I would have liked either...oh well next time.

As promised a few days ago (better later than never) - here are a few more pictures of the stand. Things at home are slowly returning to normal.
I am still in denial about my dining table though - it is the biggest mess you have ever seen.
I don't mind eating among the chaos, but I don't think my husband likes it too much. I hear the sigh every night he walks in the door from work, and notices it still messy - and I'm here typing away on the computer! Whoops
I can't bare to clean up though, as I have more necklaces and hair clippies to make.

More little treasures will go on the store soon.... just let me catch my breathe as I recover from the shock announcement on 'Farmer wants a wife' last night... 
I have a very busy life you know!


Natalie said...

Were you disappointed that Nerina dumped the collar-up farmer? I am glad that Mr Tassie picked a nice match. And as for the FNQ bimbo, well, she got her just desserts!
Enough of that... hope your crafting goes well. The necklaces look great!

ivy designs said...

hahaha, we should compare dining tables! Like I said on my blog, I think we have parallel lives!
what was the shock announcement?

kelly said...

I know, we sound very similar don't we!
One of the sure matches on Farmer pulled out a week ago! I was soooo sure they were going to be the next couple and was going to get married. He is heart broken - poor lad. Silly 22 year old from up north was so embarassing and naive. She looked stupid on telly trying to justify ignoring his phone calls.

thula thula designer said...

Another farmer junkie, I was talking about it all night.
As for the table, I have a cutting table in my garage...mess and the dining table...mess. Creative minds.

the seventy tree said...

Hello. I replied to you on my blog earlier as there wasn't a link I could reply to you through. I found you on Bloessem Kids afterwards though and have just had a good browse around your blog. It's really lovely, and the things in your shop are sooo beautiful! Have now added you to my list of blogs so I can become a follower! Thanks again for your lovely message, and I hope you eventually get your hands on the Paumes books. Definitely definitely try and get some when you can!