Monday, April 6, 2009

starter's ready?

Great fun for the kids to decorate...while also eating the eyes, and nose, and bow ties, and....
I know I said I would be a few hours, but time seemed to fly by today. I had so much to do, and as usual an extra 10 things happened - then it was dinner time. I also dropped my new good camera. I am so annoyed with myself.  I have just spent the last 2 hours trying to get the photos off it of the Easter biccie's we made. We had no luck though, so the crappy old camera will have to do.

Anyway, to get into the spirit of Easter, we thought we would have a little competition to get to know you a little better, and, for you to get to know each other too. 
So get involved....

You can win a Happy Tunic (design of your choice) valued at $42.95 a brand new 'little treasure' valued at $29.00 and a 'little bubble and tree handy bag' - to carry it all home in. 

All you have to do is tell us... 

1. What do you want the Easter bunny to bring you? (It can be whatever you like)
2. Jump online to the 'little bubble and tree' online store, and tell us, if you could choose any one of the Happy tunic designs, which one would it be?
3. And last but not least, supply us with your email address for our mailing list.

See, that wasn't too bad was it! 

You can earn yourself an extra entry, if you bring a friend along to the site to enter too. Just tell us their name and you automatically get another entry. Woo hoo. 
Entries close 11.59pm Easter Monday. Winner announced Tuesday 14th April 2009.

Now get hopping!


Amanda K said...

I want the easter bunny to bring me a loooong sleep in LOL. I love the SB4 tunic (the orangey one) and my email is akeeys -at- gmail /dot/ com.

Kelly said...

I would like the easter bunny to bring me a full nights sleep, without 3 little people trying to sneak into our bed! My favourte tunic is SB4/6 and my email is kmaldred at bigpond dot com

leah c said...

I want heaps and heaps of cadbury creme eggs, the more the better!! yummo. and i love bright pink tunic sb4/1, i wonder why!! lol and email thanks kel, happy easter!!

Natalie Luffman said...

I would like the Easter Bunny to bring me an afternoon of fun and chocolate eggs! (oohh and a few marshmallows!)
I love the tunic sb4/1! its gorgeous! and the juicy pants! They're amazing!!!!! My email is

Mee a Bee said...

Oh yaye! I'd love it if the Easter Bunny let me sleep in on Easter Sunday and then hid Creme Eggs under my pillow. Seems like that's all any of the mums really want!

As for the gorgeous tunics I am a big fan of pink damask, damask in any colour, so I pick SB4/4 .

Put me on your list meeabee(at)

I think you know where to find me if I win!! thanks!!

Jacqui Miyabayashi
in Japan!

LouLou said...

oh hi!
THE EASTER BUNNY CAN BRING ME SMILING CHILDREN,chocolate ofcourse and peace n the middle east...wouldnt that be nice !!
I love all of the tunics but would be very happy with sb4/4.

email is queenloube at hotmail dot com.
thanks.....will see you at the skout drinks ??

Brandie said...

What a fun giveaway!

I want the Easter bunny to bring me lots of slaes on my new website and Etsy shop, a vintage trinket bracelet from and a gift card to Anthropologie. Not to much, right;)

I would love the pink and red happy tunic or sb4/4. So stinkin' cute and that birdie treasure is adorable!

My email is littlelottirose at yahoo dot com :)

Melissapher said...

Hmmm. I'd like the easter bunny to bring me a swimsuit from Anthro, dark chocolate cadbury eggs, and the blue/brown happy tunic SB4/6 from little bubble and tree!! It's a tall order, but maybe the easter bunny will deliver?!?

Thanks for the giveaway!
islyblog at gmail dot com

Stephanie said...

I would love the Easter Bunny to leave me a cappuccino maker with a bag a mocha. We should have some chocolate in there for Easter. We like the tunic SB4/10.

Great give away srdot(at)mac(dot)com

ivy designs said...

My tunic choice would be SB4/9 - lovely! I would like the Easter Bunny to sell our house! I don't know if this is something Easter Bunnies can do, but I asked Santa at Christmas and he couldn't do it, so I am trying my luck again!

Louise - AKA Skout said...

Easter bunny - pls bring me a calm and peaceful house load of sugar high children !

I lurv the Happy Tunic SB4/4 lovin pink damask !

louise at skout dot co dot nz

I tweeted u too x

L xxx

Ribbonista said...

Dear Easter Bunny & Kelly,

Can I please have a visit with my brand new nephew if he is born, (Due Today), and a gorgeous Happy tunic - SB4/10. But most of all I'd like everyone I know to enjoy a safe & happy Easter.

Sales At Ribbonista dot com dot au

Moment by Moment said...

I already know what Im getting for easter... MY HUBBY!! no no not what your thinking lol Since he changed jobs he is home ALOT more on the important dates and this will be the first Easter we are home together in years! He use to work in hospitality NOT anymore though!! I also wish all the other mums/dads out there who have partners who work during this time of the year to be able to just have the day off!!! and spend it with their family. Also for EVERYONE EVERYWHERE to stay the car.. around water EVERYWHERE!

Okay after spending ages on your website and looking at nearly every single thing you have for sale! soo going back to buy something lol I still can't make up my mind on just which one I love the most?????
So We are happy for you to choose for us It just has to fit my little princess Airlie Fae aged 3yrs.

my email is

Have a wonderful Easter everyone xoxoxo
ps I tweeted you too :)

Anonymous said...

I would like the Easter Bunny to bring me the joy of playing with my grandchildren hopefully on a sunny day in Cowes (Phillip Island) with lots of chocolate easter eggs to share with everyone.

thula thula designer said...

I am wishing for the Easter bunny to bring us a lovely big fluffy rug for our new house....I'm having a crisis finding just the right one!
I love everything is your happy tunic range but SB4/6 is wonderful.
Have a lovely Easter and I'm in touch with the baby blah....that's our life here.

kelly said...

I'm just adding this entry from the email....

1. A happy fun filled easter holiday! (and loads of chockies too!!)
2. Little miss sissy (pink & white tunic)

Kyles said...

1. I'd love for the Easter Bunny to bring me a fun filled, sunny Easter Sunday for when i go and meetup with my Mum, Dad, Sister and her son, along with my lil family. I'm doing a photo shoot of my Sister and her son, so hope the weather is sunny!!
2. Happy tunic - SB4/10, actually i love all of them!!

patricia bloom said...

I like the Easter Bunny to bring great joy to the bushfire victims over the easter holiday period.

I like tunic second line third on the right.

Little Diva said...

I wish the Easter Bunny would bring me more time.....

Just had a look at your website and those fabrics you use for your tunics are gorgeous ! I think my favourite is the blue unisex one B4/10.

Christine xo (

P.S. thanks for the comment on my blog.

MELANIE said...

Hi Kel & Family

I wish the easter bunny would bring me guilt free chocolate that doesn't add kgs... wishful thinking!

There are too many favs things here but the one I don't have is Happy Tunic SB4/2 it's so nice or little miss tahlia dress ;-)



Rachael said...

Hi There,
1. I would love the Easter bunny to bring children that don't wake up at the crack of dawn on Easter morning!
2. I love them all, but my favourite is Happy tunic 4/2 (the pale blue)
3. Email is rachael (at) designersemporium (dot) com (dot) au

Steph Bond said...

Such a lovely giveaway - thank you for being so generous. OK:
1. From Easter Bunny - Meet Me At Mike's craft book
2. Love all tunics but I think 4/7 with red/pink paisley is my fave
3. Email stephbond at gmail dot com
Than you!

Jemma said...

I should really be a good human and wish for world peace from the Easter Bunny, but I am afraid I am going to take the selfish route instead.

I want a deluxe spa treatment in a resort, cocktails on a secluded beach with lovely weather afterwards, then a yummy dinner, followed by a sleep in a King Sized bed to wake to the sounds of ocean waves and birds. Not asking too much is it?

My fav kaftan is the Happy Tunic SB4/10, I love the bright blue colour.


Barbara said...

I hope for some chocolate in my basket (in fact...I'll make sure there is some!). I love the Happy Tunic SB4/4 and I know a little girl who would do it proud. Happy Easter. Barbara

petit said...

I would like the Easter Bunny to leave me a basket full of white chocolate. I would love the "Filly Butterfly" kaftan.


Natalie said...

Hi Kelly
I have eaten my pink Easter wombat already - thanks Easter bunny! Hope you received some nice chocs too.
I love the Happy Tunic SB4/5.
Best wishes

Elle's Mom said...

1. The Easter bunny has come and gone. He did leave me my requested Sees Candy!

2. Hard to choose, but I pick Style - SB4

3. I will send you my email address :-)