Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It WAS a happy Easter.....

Back from the Easter break - and I have washing coming out of my washing!
We ate chocolate and dip the entire weekend - yummo!

We went down the Peninsula to our van. It's a great getaway, and to only have 2 rooms to clean rather than a house - is holiday enough for me!
The kids have a ball and run around the caravan park with all their friends. Lucas is a little too young to understand what the kids are up to, but he seems happy to just chase after them. He then comes back for a cuddle, maybe draw a picture, before running off again to 'chase the tids!' (no it's not a spelling mistake, he calls them tids). 

Every time I looked at him, he was unravelling foil from another egg! I didn't know what was chocolate and what was dirt in the end. I let him eat chocolate for the entire weekend - little does he know what he has left - that will be ours - allllll ooours!

The kids kept themselves amused with the funniest little things. This time the girls made up a concert that they were going to perform for the adults. Unfortunately, we missed it due to visiting other friends, but I did hear it was a success. I had to sign an attendance sheet with the estimated number of people attending from my van. Very cute.
These are some shells Lucas purchased from their 'shell store' at Christmas. I gave him 40cents, and these were his selections. A few were thrown in for being their first customer.

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