Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the party - part three...

Ok here are a few more bits and bobs of the circus party.
Some simple games for the kids that were fun to make, and easy to play for tiny arms. Coin toss were just the chocolate coins in foil and little plastic hoops thrown from a 1m to try and catch some for tiny ones smelling the chocolate through the foil though - we found a few teeth marks in the loot afterwards!
The winning tickets were given to the kids to hold onto until the end - better than chocolate and lollies being consumed during the party. 
The ring of fire was literally this - except for the real flames of course.
I decorated a bouncing ball as a lion and kids lined up and tried to throw the lion through the ring of fire.
The prize table was off limits during the party (for obvious reasons). This was situated besides the duck fishing game so we could use the kids playpen as a barrier from sneaky hands for both temptations!

It's all about the colour! 
Just by groupings of lollies in bowls, 100's and thousand's on cupcakes, popcorn, colourful tablecloths and cups make the theme seem bigger than it actually is. You don't have to spend a fortune, just a few homemade games, balloons and streamers around the house - all come together to make a carnival of fun!

Friday, July 2, 2010

the party - part two...

So part 2 of the circus party...... simple games were set up around the house for the kids to play as many times as they so desired. 
The fishing duck game seemed to be the most popular, probably for the fact that it involved water and was messy!
We gave the 'admit 1' tickets out to each parent as they arrived, and also some 'you win a prize' tickets. This gave the kids a feeling they were truly part of the circus. The parents just ripped off each ticket for the kids to hand back over, and then handed them the prize tickets when the task was completed.
Of course there were no real winners or losers - the prizes were all to be given out at the end anyway!
It didn't stop the kids holding onto the winning tickets like they were gold though - very cute.
You can never have enough lollies, the trick was though to have them as part of the prizes so kids weren't running around full of sugar. They were given the option of a cup of popcorn to nibble on, as they walked around playing the games. This added to the carnival spirit. 
Plastic clown toppers were purchased on ebay and really dressed up the cupcakes