Friday, January 30, 2009

bird dance...

It is even warmer today - 44 degrees again, so I am inside with the kids, keeping cool and sewing!
I have been sewing the 'bird dance' necklaces for the site, and for the market next week. I had to wait until it cooled down a little last night before I went outside to take the photos. 

The varying lengths make them perfect as a necklace, a belt or even just to hang in your room. 

They look so lovely hanging all in a row. I would love to do these for the playroom's window.....but they couldn't be pretty like these, with 2 boys - I think I would need to use slightly boyish charms and tones.

Maybe I'll have to leave this project for the next hot day!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

happy belated Australia day!

I wish I was a duck today in 41 degrees heat!!
That's it - I'm looking up now how to buy a pool on ebay - and buying water from Northern Territory to fill it!
Rain damn you.

australia day weekend

Ok, so its not to craziest ride in the carnival.... but it does wizz around!

The winning monstrosity.
The scene of the big win!

We had a lovely Australia day weekend down here on the Peninsula. A few have laughed that we live and holiday on the same turf - but we love it!

Growing up we would go to the carnival in Rosebud, eat dagwood dogs, and go on as many rides as we were allowed. It seems a lot smaller now - or maybe we are just bigger.

Anyway the kids loved it, and we even won a prize. Its funny as a kid all you wanted to do was win a big toy at the fair. Now I'm doing everything to avoid the dust waster, often warped, easily split, gaudy coloured, dust collector from coming back to our house! - but sure enough 29 on the clowns wins the biggest and longest of them all (1.5m) - I think I accidentally left it at the caravan park!! 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

see you there...

We will be at the sisters market on Saturday 7th February 2009 from 
10 -4pm.
Come and say 'hi' if you are around the Brunswick Town Hall precinct. 

I better start sewing.........

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the perfect weather

It's been really hot here the last few days, and they have just said on the radio that the cool change is coming through. I don't want to think of that just yet though, as I am enjoying the washing drying as quickly as I put the next load out! (this is what my life has become - excited about dry washing!).
Anyway, I am also resizing all the pictures for the website, that is soooo close to be uploaded. 
I know I was saying it was going to be ready last year, but I wasn't expecting the Christmas period to be so hectic - not to mention a new baby taking up all the free time!

Here is another little sneak peek of our cute Pango pants that will be n the website for sale. I think might make some for myself!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

like a box of smarties

While shopping in Tilba I found this gorgeous money box. Made by a fair trade organisation in Mexico, it is handcrafted from a coconut, then painted in these beautiful bright colours - it reminds me of a box of smarties! 
I'm sure the owner thought I was a crazy woman on a mission, I took it straight to the counter within 10 seconds of walking in the door! 
I do have to start decorating the nursery, so this will now be my new colour inspiration.

Friday, January 16, 2009

the lovely Tilba

Beautiful hills to roll down again, and again, and ...............

Haven't seen one like this for awhile.

Gorgeous fret work on the buildings giving great character.

A lolly shop like Willy Wonker.

When we returned from our recent Christmas holiday, we made a quick detour into a cute little country town Tilba. It was along the NSW coast inalnd - and was a such a hidden gem. 
I'm a real sucker for small crafty places like this - anything with a craft market, or a store selling something different, and I'm hooked!

With beautiful old weatherboard buildings in original condition, and manicured gardens, it had a mixture of cafes, galleries and shops to stroll through. It had a real old world charm about it, probably due to the close knit community of around 100 that reside here. 
Each building had the most gorgeous fret work, it reminded me of gingerbread houses all in a row! 
We stopped for some rolling (Lucas - not me!) and of course I had to pop into a few stores to check out it's wares. 

Sunday, January 11, 2009

fishing anyone?

Here are a few examples of my 'gone fishin' necklaces. 

Cute and colourful necklaces are traditionally always aimed at little girls, but after noticing my little boy wanting to dress up like me with beads and jewellery - these necklaces were actually designed with him in mind.  
Available in cute little fish and starfish designs, the colours are sure to dress up any outfit.
Why should girls have all the fun!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

going loopy!

Now one for the boys - well actually girls can wear this one too.
Made of 100% white cotton, with blue and green cotton embroidery loops and border - it's the 'Loopy' kaftan. 
My little nephew wore this on our recent holiday. It was perfect for the beach with his little swimmers and for just hanging out around the pool.

felt 'clippies'

When I wasn't feeding the baby and eating chocolate on our recent holiday, I did manage a spot of sewing!
Here is my range of felt snap clips. Perfect for your little girls fine hair - this sucker is not going anywhere man! 
Made with felt and beads, it is available in a range of pretty colours and shapes.

Filly butterflies with sparkles

Here is a sneak peak at our little bubble and tree kaftan's. My little niece received one for Christmas so it was a perfect photo opportunity!
'Filly butterflies' girls kaftan in white cotton, with orange embroidered butterflies and little sequins to add sparkle. This is a perfect loose fitting top for the warmer days over bathers or  a singlet. 

Monday, January 5, 2009

Handmade kids: little bubble and tree

A lovely surprise for the weekend.... we were featured on Handmade kids
They featured our cute 'Pango pants'. Shown here in colourful stripes, with a contrasting polka dot cuff, and pocket. Very cute for summer - or any occasion really!
Check out the Friday quick finds, it's a lovely blog with great stuff.
It's actually quite spooky, I was only just looking through this blog the day earlier - Santa really does have eyes everywhere!

Skout: little bubble and tree

little bubble and tree had a lovely review written about us on Skout last month.
I was meaning to tell you about it then, but time ran away with me.  Scroll down to the entry on the 10th December 2007. Check it out here!


Saturday, January 3, 2009

happy new year!

Pretty little girls necklaces in butterflies and birds.

Another year gone, and what a big year it was. Starting a new business, house renovations, and then a new baby - I'm tired just thinking about it!
Now here's to 2009, with Lot's of new resolutions to try and keep - I just have to think of some first!
Mmmm lets see...... 
Resolution number 1 - Sew more necklaces!
I'm sick of running around like a mad woman just before a market, trying to make as many as possible. 
Lucky I brought my sewing basket away with me on holiday!