Friday, January 30, 2009

bird dance...

It is even warmer today - 44 degrees again, so I am inside with the kids, keeping cool and sewing!
I have been sewing the 'bird dance' necklaces for the site, and for the market next week. I had to wait until it cooled down a little last night before I went outside to take the photos. 

The varying lengths make them perfect as a necklace, a belt or even just to hang in your room. 

They look so lovely hanging all in a row. I would love to do these for the playroom's window.....but they couldn't be pretty like these, with 2 boys - I think I would need to use slightly boyish charms and tones.

Maybe I'll have to leave this project for the next hot day!


Natalie said...

those necklaces are so lovely - they will disappear like hotcakes at the market!

Jemma said...

Oh they are great, I love them, will definately have to blog about them. So cool!