Wednesday, January 28, 2009

australia day weekend

Ok, so its not to craziest ride in the carnival.... but it does wizz around!

The winning monstrosity.
The scene of the big win!

We had a lovely Australia day weekend down here on the Peninsula. A few have laughed that we live and holiday on the same turf - but we love it!

Growing up we would go to the carnival in Rosebud, eat dagwood dogs, and go on as many rides as we were allowed. It seems a lot smaller now - or maybe we are just bigger.

Anyway the kids loved it, and we even won a prize. Its funny as a kid all you wanted to do was win a big toy at the fair. Now I'm doing everything to avoid the dust waster, often warped, easily split, gaudy coloured, dust collector from coming back to our house! - but sure enough 29 on the clowns wins the biggest and longest of them all (1.5m) - I think I accidentally left it at the caravan park!! 

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