Sunday, March 29, 2009

magnolia square market round up....

Well that was the Magnolia Square market as a retailer hey?
What a crazy few days it was. I can't believe it is all over, considering I only had about 8 days to prepare (normally you get about 8 weeks notice), I feel that it went too quickly.
Set up was on the Wednesday, which was great, as you get to set up and take your time. I of course, was still running around like a 'blue bottomed fly'. Getting everything finished - sewing, packing, pricing and labelling, all the while expressing and feeding Lachie at the same time!

All went well though. It was a long 3 days, but I had such fun and met some great people. I was nestled between nog 'n piep and Willow Blossom. They were all such lovely girls, I missed not talking to them this morning!
All in all it was a great experience and I was really busy. I spent a lot of time talking - not only to friends who visited, but customers and other retailers. I had a great response to the range and had a few wholesale enquiries which was exciting.
Here are some pics of the stand. I know I looked small but I think the intimate setting looked cute - don't you think?

I will tell you about some more tomorrow....or maybe the next day. I have 4 days of household duties to catch up on. Apparently Mr bubble (my husband) can only do 1 thing at a time - and that was just be with the kids.... not do the dishes, the ironing, washing, and maybe wash Lucas' duty little toenails in the bath while I was away.
Back to reality!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

market time......

Very busy getting ready for Magnolia Square market. It's today 10-9pm, Friday 10-5pm and Saturday 10-4pm.
Come on down and say hi! There is some lovely treats available from what I saw setting up yesterday.
Hope to see you there.....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Babyology : little bubble and tree

Last week on my way to dropping off Lucas at creche, I received a call from Katrina at babyologysaying we were 1 of her 5 favorite stands at the Mathilda's market last Sunday. 
We had a lovely little chat, and then told me she was going to feature little bubble and tree on their site. Woo hoo, this is very exciting, it's so nice to be featured on a site that I follow regularly. 
Now without blowing our own horn - babyology reviews modern and unique children's products from around the globe. It is updated daily by a band of talented writers - who are all mums themselves. Be careful though, you may just spend a little more money than expected on the great products that they uncover.
This was lovely compliment and very appreciated Katrina, thank you.

Friday, March 20, 2009

magnolia square market next week....

I am very excited to announce that we will be showing at the Magnolia Square market next week in the Malvern town hall. This is the first time that little bubble and tree will be visiting the market as a retailer, (I usually go as a very eager, cupcake eating shopper!). So make your way down to Malvern for a truly lovely shopping treat.

Click here on their blog to see all that is on offer for the weekend. The dates and times are...
Thursday 10-9pm
Friday 10-5pm
Saturday 10-4pm

So now, until then, I will be in hibernation and 'sewing like it's 1999'! - I say this because I didn't have 2 kids then - and I could sew all day and night with not a care in the world....well... I will still care for them, but, they  just might be dressed in their pj's a little longer than usual!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Alannah Rose - Exclusive stationery

gorgeous girls party invitations.....

roll up, roll up....
our gorgeous 'Pango pants' and 'dotti elephant' tee...

Roll up, roll up - the circus is coming to town! And what better way to celebrate than with a party!
We were lucky to be a part of the new children's party invitation range, available from Alannah Rose stationery.
Suzi is the designer and has the most beautifully designed stationery. These new invitations are so fun and yet classic - they are the perfect addition to planning your next celebration. Available in many themes and designs you are sure to find it hard to choose!  My fav's of course being the 'Roll up circus' window boxed invitations. 
I love the colour in these photos, taken by Pru from Little bird photography she has done an awesome job yet again to capture the fun theme of this range. Congrats also goes to Prue from Gigi & lulu for her lovely styling. 
All of these ladies have been so lovely to little bubble and tree, and I thank you very much for asking me to be a part of it. 
It has also prompted me to have Lucas' 3rd birthday party as a... you guessed it - circus theme!
I have ideas a plenty for this theme, and might just have him wearing the above photographed outfit for the special day!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

little bubble and a lost tree...

These were the most popular purchases of the day.....
'Pango pants'.....

'Follow me' - Pink
'Paisley trail'.....
'Loopy' White Blue/green.....
'Loopy' Green/White.....

We had the market on Sunday and it was a great success.  Thank you to everyone that came and said 'hi' and purchased some goodies.
I had my sister with me which was a big help. It allowed me to talk to everyone that came through, and more importantly allowed me to go shopping too!

I wanted to show off my new accessories tree - which held the necklaces perfectly - but I forgot to take pics. You won't believe it though, when we were packing up it started to rain, I was tired and hungry and then....I left the stand behind! I can't believe it. I didn't even remember until late last night, when it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn't unpacked it! My poor little 'new' tree, left all alone in the rain and cold.
... but a quick call this morning confirmed it was safe and well, and in the cleaners cupboard -waiting to be collected - Pheew!
So it's back to little bubble and tree.
Here is a few pics of what was on offer, you'll just have to imagine the stand - I forgot to take photos! 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

market preparation.....

I have been really bad the last week getting my blog updated - sorry about that. I have been trying to prepare for the Mathilda's market this Sunday, and every time I go to write I would have to run off and do something else. 
I don't know why I am always rushed at the last minute - I suppose it is me just trying to be perfect - either that or I'm really unorganised..... I think it's the latter.

I will be adding a few new things this Sunday. I will also be putting on sale a few of the summer kaftan's, great for outside play. 
For those that cannot make it.... you can still buy by hoping online and quoting 'mathildas03' for a special discount.
To everyone else come up and say hi - if I'm not there - it means I will be off shopping at the rest of the lovely stalls that will be on offer.
Hope to see you then..... 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Flirty Bird : little bubble and tree

I can't believe it has been a week since the last post. Time has surely run away with itself this week, I haven't had a chance to sit and write due to the Market this Sunday... more on that later.

I was lucky enough to be asked by Michelle at Flirty bird: to supply some of our clothing for her upcoming photo shoot. It is always nice to help someone to promote their range - not to mention seeing them complemented by beautiful products.

She has been great fun to email back and forth with too. It is really nice to meet other like minded women, who have taken the big 'small business leap like myself.
Flirty bird make the cutest little hair accessories using designer fabrics that are just gorgeous.
It's funny...they say a picture tells a 1000 words - well just by looking at her logo... I envision a tall lady, with black hair and bright red lipstick. I know you are thinking 'this is what the picture looks like' (so I can't be imagining too hard) - but every time I receive an email from her, or see her logo pop up on twitter - I think Michelle is this big, tall, dark haired, bird lady!! (I can say this, because I've seen her profile pic on her blog! ha ha)

Check out her blog here and online store to grab a little bit of hair candy for yourself or your little one. (Pity I have 2 boys, as they would have had their hair up in piggies everyday with these).
My fav's are the little elephants.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Who are you going to be today Olive?"

It has been dry as dry for months now, and today it finally rained - wooo hooo!

I love receiving packages, and today I received a book that I ordered from Creative Thursday.
We read it tonight for the first time, and it's a lovely little read. Remember Lucas, and his habit of choosing the same books every night? Well I actually took charge with this one tonight, and have decided we will both choose one from now on - then I get to read the nice ones I have bought!
Anyway, it is called "Who are you going to be today Olive?" and it's a story of a little bird just learning how to be herself. With the help and support of her many friends, Olive finds her way.

Marisa Haedike is the author and the illustrator, and the pictures are just so cute. The story does have a little hidden message thrown in too, which will make you say, "Oohhh, that was nice wasn't it!"
Check out her blog here as it showcases her lovely paintings she does almost everyday. They can be purchased from her etsy store...

Monday, March 2, 2009

staring at the sea.....

Here's a quick peek at the 'Sea star necklace' available on the website. I love this one - the blues and lime green buttons go so nicely together. Great for boys to dress up too - or just hang in their room on a hook.
Buy it here....

it's market time again...

We are getting ready for the Mathilda's market again next week - it's on the 15th March 2009 at the Hawthorn Town hall from 9 -2pm.
I have been putting off my sewing for it, as I was too busy tweeting away on twitter (my new obsession) and considering it featured on my list of new years resolutions (sew more) - I will definitely have to start it this morning.
Here is a little bit of information about the market.........

Mathilda's Market is a fabulous niche market that offers unique, stylish and affordable baby & kids goods that are lovingly handmade or of limited production. The retailers are hand picked to ensure an exciting product range. You will discover a vast variety of funky, unique and gorgeous clothing (for example organic cotton, vintage, 70's, etc) wooden letters, canvasses, soft & wooden toys, soft leather shoes, travel activity packs, room decor, bags, paintings, fun & personalised accessories, vintage-inspired products, musical instruments, handcrafted jewellery, fairy & dress up costumes & accessories, hair accessories, doll houses & accessories, linen, sleepwear and so much more! And all this for your little ones ... it's a kid's shopping haven. 

Most of the retailers do not have a shop front, so you know you'll find something special, not available anywhere else. Please come and see our stand at the upcoming Mathilda’s Market on Sunday 15 March, from 9am to 2pm at the Hawthorn Town Hall, 360 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn. With 65 retailers, yummy food, free kids entertainment, this will be a fantastic day out for young & old. For a sneak preview, have a look at the website (and enjoy a browse through the photos of all participants.
I look forward to seeing you there!