Tuesday, December 22, 2009

elephant walk......

I have been very behind in updating my store with new little treasures. Here is a fresh range just in time for Christmas....there is still one more day left, for an overnight express bag delivery - so get in quick!
I have a new little addition - my elephant walk little treasure. 
These have been great fun to make and look really cute hanging from your window or nook in your home.

By the way, the green elephants leg isn't shorter than the other - it is just my photography!!


miss béba said...

merry christmas + happy holidays lovely lady XXX

Stephanie said...

You make the prettiest things! Just looking at your creations puts a smile on my face from all the lovely colors and desings.

I gave you the Happy 101 Award on my blog by the way :)
Hope you had a great Chirstmas holiday.