Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a photo a day....

I am taking part in a little blogging fun - 'A photo a day' started by the byron life and basically the deal is to just post a photo a day for the month of August of whatever you like. 
You don't need words - and to tell you the truth for me to make the photo a day requirement, I might not be adding any words to some of the posts.
It will be a big ask, but hey, I am willing to give it a go. 
If you see me forget a day, drop me an email and you might win a little something for giving me the kick up the butt!
Play along if you like, my friend Lou from totally innocent is playing too, that is how I heard about it.


LouLou said...

ok kelly - i will kick your butt if you kick mine......good luck !!!

kelly said...

Oh the pressure, the pressure!!