Friday, August 7, 2009

cute as a bird...

While we are in the 'bird mood'.......comes day 4 of my photo a day for August.
When I was in India (18mths ago) I was like a crazy lady at the markets. I loooove shopping, and can walk my life away looking at all the beautiful things around.
I would say my main purchases are for the home, I am forever adding new little displays all over the place - the problem is I am not eliminating anything so I seem to be like a Turkish bazaar!
Here are a few paper mache birds I picked up at one of the many markets in Delphi, they are so cute and the colours I love.
I hang them from the hooks on my side table, kids love to swing them.....grrrrr to the 
'swinging- bird- kids' but then I would too if I saw these colourful little dangling carrots!


Little Pinwheel said...

These are so lovely... you have a thing for birds, which is such a nice thing. to me a birdsymbolises freedom.

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

Love those birds!

smileybella said...

Gorgeous! I love bird ornaments. Wait till you see the glass and feather bird ornaments I have at Christmas time! Delicious!

kelly said...

They are beautiful aren't they. I wish I had bought more now when I come home and realise how much they were...but that is the story of my life!!

Ooooh christmas ornaments sound lovely, can't wait to see them!