Monday, August 24, 2009

chocolate crackles, fishing rods and spiderman....

nothing like chocolate crackles at a fete....the price was actually for 6 not 4!.....
Cakes, fishing rods, spiderman and day 20 of a photo a day...

What a lovely weather weekend we had. It wasn't hot of course, but one of those sunny ones that allow you to go along your business without dodging the rain.
I had a small market for the Somers preschool Saturday, it was held in the historic grounds of Lord Somers camp. For those of you that don't know where Somers is (like me), it is on the Mornington Peninsula on the Westernport bay side near Hastings. Many schools would come from far and wide to attend camp here when they were in primary school.

It was a wonderful sunny day and the location was beautiful.
Families were out in their droves, and I was busier than I envisaged. I don't do the big stall set up for something like this, it is nice to tone down my stand to try and set up and pack up in the least amount of time for once.
I took my little helper (3 year old) for the day and he had a great fun. It was safe enough to let him run around with the other kids, as it was in a little compound all fenced in and safe.
He loved helping me trolley my tubs from the car, and to stand behind the table - like he was a shop keeper (mind you he would have spent all the profits if it was his!).
Within the first 5 mins of being there - he came back with a spiderman face paint! Great, just what I need - red face paint around a nice white table cloth, and clean clothing for sale!!

Everytime he came back to me he had a story to explain, or to tell me he was 'hundry adain muuuuum', then off he would trot with $2 to make a fishing rod fish, or guess how many smarties was in the jar, buy a cake from the cake stall or skull a can of Lemonade.
I love a school fete, it is a great family day out and to support the local facilities is what it is all about. I had a fabulous fun day, and the little spiderman on his 'all day' sugar high enjoyed it too.

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