Thursday, September 17, 2009

The baby show....

I am currently in Sydney for the Baby show which starts tomorrow morning. I have am so tired, I feel like I have worked the 3 days already! Set up was today and it looks fantastic.
I am manning the stand by myself so I hope I am ok. I have my friend besides me from so we should be right.
I am staying in Manly with my good friend, who has been very kind and given me a car to use while I am here. This is all good and well if you know the area, but this morning I ended up making crisis phone calls to her as I was heading across the Harbour bridge and took the wrong turn.
Her advice was to just follow the road all the way and go with the traffic as it is all going to the same direction!....are you serious........everyone was going in the same direction in different directions! I should have taken a taxi.
Anyway, all set up and looking good. If you are in Sydney come and say hello to me - if not, I will post some pictures after the weekend.


Natalie said...

Good luck - hope it is a success!

kelly said...

Thanks Nat. Great write up in Studio bambini looks great!

Anonymous said...

god you are all over the place!!!
enjoy - hope it goes really well for you.