Sunday, May 17, 2009

mother's day - finally....

the best present of 48th plate of strawberries...
beautiful signs here - I felt like I was somewhere exotic...
close enough to touch.....I didn't of course!
It has been a little crazy here the last few weeks, so I haven't posted properly for a while.
I was checking my photos on my camera, and I had forgotten my mother's day shots from last weekend.
I know it is a little late posting them (like - a week behind), but at the moment I feel like my whole life is always a week behind!
We had a fun day, and I was spoilt with a sleep in and breakfast at a cafe.I would have just been as happy to be left in a dark room to sleep all day, but instead we were off to have afternoon tea at the Melbourne zoo. It was a lovely surprise and even though I was recovering from my sickness (brought on by the bloody flu shot), a great day was had by all.
I haven't been to the zoo for about 20 years, so I was like a tourist taking photos of all the signs and the carvings of the elephant houses. 
My other highlight of the occasion was.... I was given a coffee machine - woo hoo!
We have been having an obsession with coffee for a few years now and the amount of money we spend on takeaways is ridiculous, it I'm sure it will pay for itself in a month or so.......mmmm did I say fathers' day or mother's day? 
Cheeky bugger. For father's day I think I might get him a new vacuum cleaner!


the seventy tree said...

Yum to those strawberries! And I love the signs too. What a lovely mothers day it was for you.

kelly said...

Oh I know. There was a chocolate fondue fountain and a ton of fruit to dip. I think I used up my quota well and truly by the end.
Yes it was a lovely day, I don't know how I will top this for the father's day.

LouLou said...

Hi Kelly,
I know you are crazy busy getting ready for tiny and small but
I have awarded you a Lemonade award for inspiring and delighting me !!

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