Tuesday, May 12, 2009

another one....

Another fun award I received last week from Monica at Beyond pink and blue. I hope you don't mind me wearing the same pj's to receive this award. 
The rules:

* List 7 things that make you Awe-
Summ and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers you love.
* Make sure to tag your recipients and let them know they have won!
* Also link back to the Queen that tagged you.

1. I don't think I am Awe-summ, but I think my kids and husband think I am...they'll say anything for food!
2. I can do maaaany things at once - but then, so can most mums.
3. I have many awe-summ friends that continue to call me back, so they must like hangin' around me.
4. I know, and tell alot of stories (I accumulate them from other people).
5. I have a good memory, but only when it refers to long term stuff...short term I am running out of room up there.
6. I know lots of the words to songs on the radio (gold 104). I sing along all the time (I am a very bad singer).  I love the 80's and sad songs.
7. I have created a little business - little bubble and tree  - all while looking after a toddler and husband, having another baby, and trying to somehow - have a life!

Pheew that was hard. Here are some more lovely blogs that I recommend you check out....

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