Friday, December 19, 2008

Singing carols....

I spent 5 hours today at the shopping centre finishing my Christmas shopping. I really don't mind the shops at Christmas time. I really enjoy listening to the carols being played, I even have a little sing along to myself and to get into the spirit of things. 
My trip today consisted of - 3 levels of shops, wobbly wheel on pram, 2 kids, 2 feeds, 3 nappy changes, a few tears at different intervals, 2 tacos, 3 donuts with pink icing and coloured sprinkles, 1 weak latte, 1 baby chino, photo with Santa, ingredients for trifle, bags tied to the pram on every angle, presents done, then Maca's for dinner. Pheewwww, time to go home and finish my wrapping.....only to then realise the store left a flippin' tag on one of the tops I was giving as a present - (insert scream here!!!) 
So now I have to tackle the shops again tomorrow morning to get my metal tag removed!!
And so the day begins again!

Ho, ho, ho

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Natalie said...

I feel tired just thinking about that.