Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The bird lady

I think I'm going to try and fill this tree with birds! 
From L-R - 'little bubble and tree' birdie, 'brown birdie' made from cork with a stamped motif, 'pink sequined bird' - made in Africa and 'white stencil cut birdie' in white all available at Red hill house. (sorry they don't have a website to list)
A beautiful little felt brooch from Red hill house. 
Another cute find from the Mornington twilight market last Saturday night - by nog ' piep
They had a beautiful collection of linen and silk goods, all hand printed and hand made - I could have kept shopping for sure! (sorry they didn't have a website to quote)

I have been having a little obsession lately for buying birds!
Not real ones of course, but anything handmade, carved, sculptured or drawn. I keep them hidden away in my bag, the wardrobe or car boot... wait for a opportune time... then whip them out, and whack them in position as if I have had them for ages! Apparently I buy too much stuff! Ha ha ... but can you blame me, there is so many lovely things around to buy!

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