Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bangle tree

It is the 4th December and I still don't have my christmas tree! I am usually so good with having all decorations and the tree up by the 1st December, but time has just run away with me this year. I refuse to be a scrooge like my husband who thinks we don't need one, but fitting a live tree in my car, along side the 2 kids doesn't seem possible at the moment!!

Here is a beautiful tree that I found in one of the swanky hotels in India. It was made of glass green bangles. It was so amazing to look at, there were thousands of them. It came with a lovely mesaage that read....
"Jingle Bangle Xmas tree"
Celebrating the festive holiday season with a living tradition of India - The Bangle.
An inseparable part of Indian women and an epitome of feminine grace where no festivity is complete without adorning these circles of glass.

The richness of emerald green of the pine forests comes alive as the festive light gets reflected in layers of hundreds and hundreds of handcrafted glass bangles in this 
"Jingle Bangle X-mas Tree".

They jingle together to fill our hearts with warm feelings of love and to remind us to protect our children and strengthen the fight against child labour.
"Merry X-mas and Happy New Year"

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