Tuesday, December 16, 2008

market find.....

I purchased these lovely cards and fabric from pippi joe last week when I attended the Magnolia Square market. She makes beautiful screen printed textile pieces that were so gorgeous I could have kept buying! It's so nice to actually meet, and speak with the makers themselves at events like this, the only problem is the cards are so nice and fresh looking now I don't want to write in them! 

My new years resolution a few years back was - to start wearing my favorite perfume everyday, not to just wait for special occasions. 
So this years one is -  to actually start using my beautiful cards, and not leave them sitting in my drawer. 
So count yourself lucky if you receive a fancy card from me in the upcoming year!!

1 comment:

Skout Reviews said...

ooooh Kelly ... I alwasy wear perfume too.... one little tiny luxury I afford lyself each day ... even when I'm in my sweat pants !