Wednesday, June 17, 2009

an elephant is sitting on my paperclip....

pretty elephants with little flowers and beads.....

I have been crazily trying to get everything prepared for Magnolia Square in Sydney next month. There is only 3 weeks left, and I feel like I have ticked nothing off my list - as usual.

Here is a taste of little bookmarks that I have been making for the last few markets. I haven't had a chance to upload them before, as they have been really popular and sell out before I get to it.
This is what I do with my hands at night while I am watching late night television......or do I watch late night television while I am making these??

You can use them to keep important drawings together or simply give them away as a gift.
I love this elephant fabric, it so cute - don't you think? 
They also have matching rings and elastics.  


Natalie said...


Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous! I wish I could come to a Magnolia Square - it must be realy exciting doing something like that. Where in Sydney is it? I will look at the link because my fab friend who just emigrated is in Sydney for a couple of weeks so I will let her know and maybe she can go. Also, did the photo tag on my blog - loved yours!

Mee a Bee said...

I love them. You're right, very useful and I can see why they sell out. Mimoo gave me a whole box full and I love them! (I did part with a couple to my baby sitter).
Good luck at magnolia!

Babyjo Bamboo said...

Kelly - they are gorgeous!
Good luck at MagSquare - hope it goes well and i am sure that you will finish everything in time!
Great to catch up with you yesterday too!

Stephanie said...

Love those bookmarks/paperclips! The elephant ones are my favourites for sure. What a smart idea!

Penelope said...

Hi there,

Gorgeous accessories!

Do you wholesale these?

Please email further details to
Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,