Monday, June 8, 2009

a cozy long weekend....

We are nearing the end of the long weekend, and I don't know how I am going to cope tomorrow when my husband goes back to work. I've enjoyed a nap everyday, and keeping the kids in their pj's all day to avoid more washing.
I commented this morning that I wished every weekend was the long weekend (meaning : having him home with us more often) and his reply was 'that everyday for me is a long weekend!' 
Mmmmmm........ what do you say to that one? 
I just pretended he vanished into thin air, walked into my room, and layed on the couch ......and this is where I have been all day!
Why don't they get that our days are never dull!


Mel said...

Exactly must be a Parrish thing!!!
I wish I had a room to escape too. LOL!!! Mel x

kelly said...

I know, bloody bugger. Just because he does the basic level of survival when i'm not here, he thinks it's all easy peesy.