Tuesday, February 17, 2009

yarraville festival

Our stand
My favorite pants...
Filly butterfly, Gone fishin' and 'bird dance' necklaces

On Saturday we had a stand at the Yarraville festival. I didn't even know they had a festival until it was recommended to me the week before at the Sisters market. 
The weather wasn't as crazy as that day either - thank goodness, but it still was a tropical 30 degrees or so. 
There were hundreds of people there, and kids galore. I have never seen so many pregnant women either....there is a definite baby boom on that side of town!

I do like being at the markets, it's great fun to look around at the other stalls and - shop!
My sister came and helped me again which was good. She is such a crack up to work with too, as she spends all her money in the first five mins of arriving, then tries to justify her purchases for the rest of the day!!

We had an awesome response to the collection which was great - we even ran out of business cards and bags!

Thanks to everyone who came and visited us, and thanks to the pharmacy we were in front of who allowed me to plug in my expressing machine, crouch down behind the counter, and pump away a few times throughout the day. I'm sure I was a sight to see.

We will definitely try again next year - it was well worth the drive.


mel cossor said...

that looks so great kel, you are doing such a fab job.
i'm addicted to checking out ur site. and of coarse love ur stuff!

Jemma said...

Wow your display looks great! If only I was rich and could fly around the country visiting stalls at markets like this lol! I love your clothing rack, so cool, have never seen one like that before, did someone clever make it?


kelly said...

I know I could go shopping at markets all the time too!
Thanks for commenting on the rack - I will tell my husband his work is admired - he is a 'Bob the builder!'
I am lucky he can do these things for me.
I have the vision - and he builds it!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kel,
I agree the stall looks awsome you have done such a great job with it all you have so much stock now and its all beautiful stuff!!! Congrats on all the advertisement lately as well thats so awsome!!
hugs and kisses to my two favourite boys!!!
Lv Jean xoxoxo