Wednesday, February 4, 2009

toy drop

The bootie.
The scene......
The park...

We took part in a lovely project on Monday by The Toy Society. All you have to do is make a toy.......leave it somewhere......then someone will find it- and it will hopefully make their day! 

Our drop was made at Pelican park in Hastings, just before running off to swimming lessons.
It was great fun to do, and so exciting to come out after swimming to find it had been picked up. 
Now we just have to hope the person emails in to say they have found it, and are giving it a good home.
Check out their website to see other drops made around the world - and maybe have a go yourself. You don't have to be a fancy toy maker, just have the heart to do it!


The Mystery Rider said...

Very cool. Keep the drops going.

Kellie Anderson said...

Hello Kelly. What a joy for my 21 month old daughter Emma and I to find your gorgeous toy on Monday, after our first swimming lesson. I couldn't stop smiling and my daughter held onto the doll for dear life while enjoying a play. I will endeavor to email a photo to you or the Toy Society over the next few days. What a beautiful project! BTW, I'm sure I have seen your lovely crafts at one of the local markets - Mornington or Red Hill perhaps? Kellie Anderson