Monday, February 9, 2009

oh so sad...

Victoria is witnessing one of the worst bush fires in our nations history.
I can't stop watching the news, the damage it has done is overwhelming. 
I just heard 131 confirmed dead, and over 750 homes lost. Some people escaped with only the clothes on their back - one lady had even lost her shoes from her feet and her false teeth - she can't remember how she lost them!
Poor Brian Naylor (from Channel nine) died along side his wife in their home in Kinglake. I remember him from the news growing up and the old ditty - "Brian told me, Brian told me, Brian told me so - I know everything I need to know... cause Brian told me so".

I can't even think what it would be like being in such a fierce fire, I have a phobia of fire and heat as it is.... so it makes me sick to even imagine.

There are several ways we can help -  cash donations, seems to be what they are recommending the most. There isn't enough room to store the clothing and food donations.... so money it is.

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