Monday, October 4, 2010

daylight saving....

I love daylight saving. Such a lovely sign of Summer on the way. The only downside is thinking you have got hours left of the day, and then realise it is actually dinnertime, and you haven't even started to prepare anything - this was me last night.
Now in October it means market time. I will be at Magnolia square in 3 weeks in Malvern, then off to Sydney, Adelaide and back in St Kilda in December......lots to prepare for!
I am changing my look this year......even though there is only 2 months of it left. I hope it looks like what I have in my head!

My new flosey bloomers.


Anonymous said...

They are lovely.

lady bird said...

hope its a great 3 days for you're amazing!!! I cant even begin to think how I would do a market with miss 5 month's old!