Monday, June 28, 2010

the party - part one...

Ok, as promised here are a few pics from our Circus party.
It was a great fun theme to work on, and my head is still buzzing with new ideas I should of/could of have had.
Of course I left the preparation to the last few days - then Lachie was sick, so a whole day of planning was out the window. Thank goodness for Friday - thats when the magic happened and it all seemed to come together!
When the kids entered they we ushered straight I the lounge to decorate their party hat. This helped to keep the kids all at the same stage until everyone else arrived, otherwise some would have started the games and been over it before some had even started.....or so I thought....
Decorations were easy....colour....colour and more colour!
Bunting made from foam from a 2 dollar shop - my fav shop. Pop tops bought from supermarket and covered with own labels made on computer, Carnival boxes purchased from internet and knock em down games made from baked beans and spagetti tins - easy!

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