Monday, November 9, 2009

a little lighter these days....

How does the time fly so quickly? 
It is amazing that 12 months has flown by in a blink of an eye. I know we say it every year, but this year REALLY has flown by.
This is what I looked like this exact time last year. It is funny to think that a few days after this shot was taken, I had Lachie - he was a week early!
It was a particularly hot few days then too, and I was so over myself (and the world), I just laid on the couch, eating icypoles, watching tv and remembering the nasty parts of labour!

That also means that little bubble and tree is a week away from turning 1 year old as well - Woo hoo - party time next week.

got to love the kaftan!


Mee a Bee said...

Gorgeous! Happy Birthday to #2!

miss béba said...

wow! you look beautiful.. tired/over it, but so beautiful X

Steph Bond @ Bondville said...

Love it - so over it! Feeling like that right now at 39 weeks. Congrats on a year for little bubble and tree too!