Thursday, November 5, 2009

community spirit.......

'Got to love the side of the road flower stall'. This house is around the corner from us, and I often buy a bunch of flowers when they are on offer. It runs on an honour system that you just leave your cash in the letter may be bolted to the table with a padlock - but hopefully the community spirit is still a way of life for some.
I wish we had a few more of these side road stalls down this way, I would like Avacados, limes and apples for sale, but for now - roses are just fine thanks!


Babyjo Bamboo said...

Hey Kel,

That is gorgeous. It's funny, I was out visiting my parents today (could be classed as country-ish) and noticed that there was a roadside stall just like this (honour system as well) that sold bags of "Lemons, Limes and Leaves (Kaffir)) It was gorgeous to see and next time I will stop and get some!
Loved seeing your gorgeous clothing in Peekaboo Mag - what a great new publication!

miss béba said...

what a lovely idea! and yay to the comment above too!

bloomingkids said...

That is so sweet and lovely - makes you feel all better about life...and that's saying something after the morning I've had!

Stephanie said...

It's so nice to see that some people still trust in others, I would encourage them as well! Their flowers are beautiful. Wish I had a place like that around here too!