Saturday, October 3, 2009

where will I be today?....

It's market season, and this is where I will be for the next few crazy months or so.
I love markets though, who can't resist the latte's, the shopping, and catching up with fellow market buddies (as my husband calls them).
Soooooo buddies - see you today and anyone else that is around for a good shop with some lovely wares.


Squirt Baby said...

Hi Kelly - I think I bumped into you after the market on Saturday, as we loaded our cars out the front. I have a spot in the foyer - and don't always make it all the way around to check everyone out. Hope you had a great day! Fiona

Fiona Dixon said...

I just moved to Melbourne in August and I would love to go along to some of these markets. Do you have any good tips on which ones are the best to visit?
Alway slove to visit your blog its lovely. Good Luck with the market season
Fee x

kelly said...

Skirt baby, yes I remember. I know what you mean with gettig aroud to see the stands. Iwas by myself ad I could only really use the help of the stand besides me to run and get a coffee and then run to the toilet - anythig more would have been pushing my luck!

Fiona - Welcome to sunny Melbourne!!! Well it can get warm you know!
I love the markets here. The Magnolia square will be in Nov and that is a 3 day event, this is a boutique beautiful collection of stands. Then the Mathilda's market is the other good baby's market to attend, the next one is the 22nd Nov in Hawthorn town hall. Sisters market will be on again on 7th nov and then the 5th Dec. I will be at all of the above mentioned ones.
There are lots of other ones around the lace too, craft markets Victoria et which are weekly - wow just mentioning all these markets is making me tired!