Sunday, October 18, 2009

the crazy frame lady....

One of the things you will notice when you walk into my house is the fact that I have soooo much stuff. I collect things, everything, lots of things, things I like, little treasures, little nik nacs and creations.

Sometimes it gets a little crowded in here and I will have to do a little shuffle (not a dance - just a move around of stuff) and then it seems to fit.

I seem to have a little problem with one area though and that is wall space. We have walls of windows therefore making it impossible to house all my pictures that I buy. Stop buying I hear you say!

Aaaah highly unlikely - just build me more walls I say!

This is a new purchase I had to make - It is actually wrapping paper, and I thought it would look really cool framed.

I am going through a little obsession at the moment with chunky frames. The old thick chunkus melunkus ones that are usually hanging in galleries. Not the ones dripping in gold - the lovely white distressed ones, or pink, aqua, green, blue etc. I have found the cheapest frame place near me and they have the frames already painted white.

I find myself now just walking around the house and beyond looking for random things to frame! Craaaaaaaazzeeeeeeeee!

My wall at the market, carrying on my frame obsession.....


thula thula designer said...

I'm with you, but finding a frame for the latest family pic is proving a mission, it's an odd size! Love the market wall frames, what better way to display the pics.
See you at the next Mathilda's market???

bloomingkids said...

Love the framed wrapping paper idea - I've put some up as posters in kids room before but that elephant wrap is beautiful - far to lovely to be scrunched around a gift!

kelly said...

thula thula designer - You should try and make it down this way for the frame then - they are great and make to what ever size you are after.

bloomingkids -I know it's beautiful wrap. Can you believe it was only $6.95 and it is a map of India with the Elephant over the top of it.

corine said...

adorable wall.