Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mathilda's market....

Thanks to everyone who came and supported us on the weekend at the market.
I wasn't there, but my mum and sister said it was a traffic jam with prams and people getting in early for their Christmas shopping!
Along with the pants and tops, the biggest seller for the day was the necklaces and belts. 
They are great to dress up an outfit, or simply to hang on your wall. Boys seem to like to dress up too, so I have designed a range specifically aimed at their tastes and colours. 
Hats will be available soon too.

P.S. I just got my big delivery of Indian kaftan's in sizes of 0-4. So I will now be in a rush to get them photographed, and on the site in the next few weeks.


Natalie said...

I hope it all went well at the market - cant wait to see the new range on display - it all looks so lovely !

Mary said...

Congratulations! What a busy lady. Good luck with the baby and with the products.